Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Creative Week - Trying Something New - National Clay Week

I've had a busy creative week since my students left on Sunday. I've been decorating the pottery with underglazes that I have been making this summer in my little pottery studio. It's been busy and productive and I am loving it. My head is spinning with ideas and I wish I could paint as fast as my mind turns! But I can't. I have to try to enjoy the process. 

I read this quote last week on Seth Godin's blog. 

On the danger of saying something for the first time....
That's rare air, with no support, no foundation.
Like the coyote, running off a cliff in pursuit of the roadrunner...
What could be more important? 
When we synthesize and invent and leap, we create a rare sort of value.
     Seth Godin

Do you know Seth? You should. I get a daily inspirational thought from Seth every weekday in my in-box. Sometimes I read them. Sometimes I just can't handle reading them. Too much to do. No time to think. Sometimes they really hit home though and they push me to act. Sometimes I print out the quote to hang on my studio wall and act upon later. 


Where is this going Kristin? 

Well folks - I have some exciting news. I have signed up for National Clay Week. This is a second year event designed to create interest in the world of clay. They say "A Celebration of Clay in All Its Forms." 

What am I doing for National Clay Week? I'm opening my little pottery studio to the public on October 14 and 15 from 11 to 4. You are welcome to come to see the little space and learn about working with clay. I'll be working on pottery both days, meeting folks, talking about clay and the how I make my decorated ceramics. 

I'll have some pieces to sell too. These two little platters are in the kiln now being bisque fired along with lots of other pieces I have been painting and decorating this week. 

I heard about National Clay Week on The Red Clay Rambler Podcast. I thought it sounded like a great celebration of clay and creativity. And then I thought maybe I should join in on it. Potters all over the USA and world will be doing it. Why not me? And then - of course - I thought - Oh no Kristin - you aren't good enough at ceramics yet. And then the Seth quote came into my in-box and I said "YES - I'm going to do it." 

I announced it to my little family at dinner -- that I was opening my studio to the public as an event with National Clay Week. They both looked at me and said what? Who the heck is going to come to your studio in the middle of nowhere. I agreed. It is a long-shot. Maybe 4 people will come. Maybe no one. If noone comes, at least I will have gotten a lot done and accomplished in preparing. 

So I am doing it folks. You can come if you are brave. Directions to the studio are here on our Leyden Glen Lamb website. Print them out if you can. Otherwise you may get lost. Bring a cooler if you want to buy some lamb. It will be available in our self-serve farmstand in the little red barn. I'll also have my books available for sale too. 

(NOTE: This is not a tour of our farmhouse - just an Open Studio. Our farmhouse will not be open to the public and there will be no toilet facilities except the great outdoors. Dates for Upcoming Holiday Open House will be announced soon. Watch this space.) 

I'll have more info coming up. Stay tuned. Maybe I will see you here. 

HOURS: 11-4
PLACE: Kristin Nicholas's Little Pottery Studio
WHERE: In Leyden, on Glen Road, Beyond the farmhouse, Just down past the Sunflowers, Next to the sheep, In the middle of nowhere
BRING: Curiosity for clay. Pottery will be available for sale. Optional: A cooler for our grass fed lamb.


Cheryl Korytoski said...

Think I'll combine annual leaf peeping with a stop at your pottery open studio...! Thanks Kristin!

Kristin Nicholas said...

Would be great to see you Cheryl!

Deb said...

Kristin, I will be unable to be there for the pottery open house, but oh my, I would if I could!!
Kudos for learning something hard. Your creativity inspires me. Please , keep creating. !
Debbie W.

Lee said...

Wish I could be there!

Auntie Shan said...

Like you don't have enough to do, eh? ;->
You GO, GIRL!!
just... be careful "where" you "place" your *POTS*...

Speaking of... Have you made any of those YARN "BOWLS"..? I'm sure that they'd go well along side your Books.

Anyhoo, GOOD LUCK with it ALL!!

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