Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Ongoing Inspiration + Some New Handmade Mugs

It's really hard to stop taking photos of the sunflowers at this time of year. Every day the weather is different, the flowers have changed, new insects have moved in, the light shifts and changes, fog has setttled in, the air clears. All these things change everyday.  I sense the daily shifts. 

As the autumn weather creeps in, I know I don't have long to enjoy the warm rays of the sunlight. It all happens so fast, doesn't it? The leaves will change colors and then they will drop. Before I know it, the gray days of November will creep in. So I might as well keep enjoying the beautiful blooms, the weather while it is all here. 

Here are some more photos of the sunflowers as they are blooming and changing daily. Enjoy everyone. 

When I began decorating my ceramics in anticipation of the Open Studio I am hosting in Celebration of National Clay Week, I naturally started painting sunflowers. They are all around me - they might as well be on the pots too! Here's a few mugs using a sunflower theme in colors of blue and yellow. There are a couple more that were painted before the sunflower inspiration hit me. They will be available at my Open Studio on October 14/15 from 11 to 4. Directions to our farm here. NOTE: This is not a farmhouse tour - only a Studio Tour. There will be no toilet facilities - sorry.

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