Thursday, May 03, 2018

Two Days to Go before the Book Party

I'm in a mad rush to get ready before the Book Party this weekend. I have no idea how many folks will come. It is an Open House format so everyone is welcome. The hours are 11 to 4 and people can stay as little or long as they like. My goal is to inspire folks to add color and pattern and joy to their own spaces. I'm hoping it works!

Tomorrow we are moving some sheep up to the green pastures outside our farmhouse. Hope they don't hide in the orchard so people can see them. 

Roost Books (my publisher) is supplying some food which is so sweet. Rikki Snyder - the photographer - is coming too. I have a few friends helping out but I really don't expect too many folks to make the trek - although I hope I have a decent turnout considering the amount of work it is to put on something like this. What was I thinking? 

At any rate - I am still sewing tea towels which I will have for sale - New designs that I did this winter. I also had some of my older patterns reprinted so there will be a variety. My sewing machine seems to be holding up okay. 

I'll also have some of my handmade pottery for sale. I haven't had a chance to make any this winter but I do have some pieces that didn't get fired in time for my Christmas sale so they will be available. 

Hope to see some of you here. No need to sign up but if you want - there is an EventBrite page here. This is a casual event - but wear flat shoes. The terrain is hilly. 

1 comment:

Auntie Shan said...

seriously? WHEN have your SHEEP *ever* shied away from cameras and "Tourists"??!!
The DOGS have probably already taken down food requests and called the Caterers!

Anyhoo, HOPING the Weather holds UP for you!! *GOOD LUCK*!!

BTW, also dying to find out how many fashionista-footwear-fans show up wearing spike-heels!

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