Sunday, June 03, 2018

Summer Beginnings, New Kittens and a Request

How do you make it through the beginning of summer? There always seems like there is so much to do. The grass and vegetation is growing at an amazing rate this year. We must be having the perfect combination of moisture and hot and cold temperatures. It is hard to keep it all at bay. 

The Farmer is off to a good start on his haying. Field by field, he is working his way through the first cutting of hay. For all you non-farmers, there are usually 3 cuttings of hay off each field here in western Massachusetts. It is a race to get the first cutting done before the grass becomes mature and tough and the grass heads out (that means that there will be seed heads on each stalk).  The sheep prefer nice tender hay. This is the food they will be eating next winter. 

I have yet to get my garden tilled and ready for planting. I never start too early because it doesn't seem to matter for what I plant - sunflowers, zinnias, and annual flowers, herbs, a little bit of veggies. All those crops love the hot humid days of August and so I wait until mid to late June to get everything in. I haven't even ordered my seeds yet!

We are looking towards The Farmer's hip replacement surgery. We have been downsizing the number of sheep and lambs that we will be keeping through the summer so that it is more manageable for me - the not so good farmer. I need to find someone to help me out with the daily chores. I hope Mark heals quickly so he can at least supervise everything so I don't screw up too much. Farming is really not my thing. Gardening is. Writing is. Making is. But not farming although I am the support and help out when needed. If I were in charge of the farm, we would have about 30 sheep and that would be plenty for me. But it isn't and so we have 100's. Yes, I wrote 100's. 

I have heard from my publisher Roost Books that they would like me to rally some Amazon book reviews from my followers, friends and family. I know this is crazy of me to ask since I have been begging for direct sales myself (and boy have you delivered - I have shipped just over 300 books myself) but I'm asking. If you have time, hop on over to the Amazon page and add a review if you are enjoying Crafting A Patterned Home. Evidently books with over 50 reviews rank higher - thus sell better. If this book doesn't sell, noone will take me on for another. Thus far, the book has 3 reviews. Thanks in advance. It can be very short or more detailed if you like. 

It wouldn't be spring without kittens here at Leyden Glen Farm. Mittens has been taking great care of these sweet little babies. Julia has just begun working her socializing magic on them. At this time, they are all spoken for but thought I would share the cuteness.

Here they are playing with Rosie - the almost 6 month old. By next week, they will be running around like crazy. 

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Webs Book Event yesterday. It was great to share and meet everyone. And thanks to Amy G for organizing and Webs for hosting. They have been so supportive and kind to me over the years. 

Thanks in advance for those Amazon Reviews. Have a great week everyone! 


Deb said...

Hi Kristin,
Just left a review. Congratulations on publishing yet another wonderful book. Thanks for the great blogging, and cute kitten pictures!
Praying for all of you, especially for Marks quick and uneventful recovery from surgery, and help for you as you do what has to be done to keep everything going...πŸ‘©πŸ»‍πŸŒΎπŸ‘πŸ»

Farmerjane said...

Hip surgery was a blessing. You can farm for a couple of months. Will write review

vishal singh bisht said...
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