Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Preparing for The 4th Annual Holiday Open House

Things have been busy, busy, busy here. Mark's health after the pulmonary embolism diagnosis seems to be improving a little at a time. Scary stuff. He has re-started Physical Therapy and is so much happier that he has a place to go a couple times a week. Each time he has PT he sees little improvements. Thank goodness. 

I have been embedded in my basement studio painting as many pieces of pottery as I can every day. Here is a photo of some pieces that will be bisque fired - hopefully this weekend and then glaze fired again before the 4th Annual Open House

Some days (like yesterday) I accomplished NOTHING because I had to do the last Tuesday Farmers Market in Northampton. Talk about frustrating - it was very cold and the traffic was so slow. The best part of the day was talking to the other vendors who I will not see again until next spring. 

On Saturday, I will be selling our Farm Raised Lamb at the LAST Amherst Farmers Market of the 2018 season on the Common from 8 to 1:30. The weather looks to be decent and so I am hoping for a good busy day. Farm raised lamb and Kristin's Tea Towels. Come if you are local! Would love to see you. 

Here is the flyer I prepared for the Open House. I think it looks good. Nice and colorful.

I have even created a Facebook event that you can find here.

We may be having a "weather event" - snow and sleet on Thursday night. I am not looking forward to that. We just got 4 cords of wood delivered - thank goodness. It was tough finding it this year. Need to get it covered up before it gets wet and full of snow and turns to ice. 

Next week, we will again hosting Thanksgiving with lots of my family. So many of Julia's cousins are now making their way in the world. It will be fun to catch up with them and my sisters, brothers-in-laws, cousins, and our Mom. I'm picking up the turkeys on Monday. I had to get a new oven because the 18 year old one only had 2 burners that worked. I like the one I got so far. The turkey will be the test. It has a gas oven which I haven't had since our old house. 

Hope your week is going decent. My prayers for the folks displaced by those insane fires in California. 


Cynthia said...

No more Thermadore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin Nicholas said...

I know! Like this new one though. Was nervous about it but a new Thermador would have cost $5000 and this one was on sale. The old one is still sitting in kitchen waiting for a guy to remove it. Mark can’t lift anything. Hope it is gone by Thanksgiving

Sally said...

You amaze me, Kristin! I wish I lived closer so I could lend a hand. I'm thankful for you and all the ways you inspire me! xo Sally

tjf said...


I hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one. You deserve it. I always look to you for inspiration and I am looking forward to seeing more of your pottery and tea towels. I don't know how you manage to accomplish all you do. I hope you have some things left after your Holiday Open Farmhouse so I can get a couple on Etsy. (I'm a little far away to make it on the 4th.) I hope Mark's health keeps improving and he gets stronger every day.

Take care,

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