Friday, February 28, 2020

Ethnic Gift Collection from The World Knits Collection with Progress Shots

Available on my website here
or on Ravelry here

Here it is - the last PDF Download in the World Knits Collection. Introducing The Ethnic Gift Collection. Pattern includes:
• Dog Sweater in several sizes
• Fair Isle Christmas Stocking
• Teddy Bear Sweater
• Knitted Toys including Farmer, sheep, cow, pig, and chicken
• Farm Woman Purse or Monedero

I just discovered the Farm Woman stashed in a book case. She had a bit of moth damage so I've patched her up. 

Her apron lifts up to reveal a slit and her skirt becomes a purse.  

Her Farmer is missing in action so I am working on a new one to help her with the chores. You can see my progress in the photos below. The projects are worked in the round. If you have very short dpns they would be helpful because the normal length are a bit unwieldly. Please excuse the awful photos taken at night while knitting in a dark room. 

Two legs - ready to be joined

Legs joined and hips knitted

Adding a belt

Shirt partly knitted and ready for shoulder shaping. He will be stuffed before shaping the shoulders because the stitches decrease way down for the neck and there will be no way to get the pieces stuffed when that happens. 

I will also be knitting up some animals for them to take care of. I will try to take process photos for you all in case you want to embark on knitting your own farm. 


nelson said...
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Cat said...

I read the that at first as ethnic GUILT. After re reading it, and having it make MUCH more sense, I must say the little Farm woman looks like it would be a really nice knit!

I will have to see about picking this up when I manage to get faster internet, so I don't have the pattern choke! Eep!!


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