Sunday, March 15, 2020

I've Made Some Moroccan Fedoras

I'm back again. I hope I can be of some distraction to you all in this time of uncertainty. Perhaps I can inspire you to pick up your knitting needles again, sit down in a cozy chair, turn off the news, put on a good movie or two and experiment with some colorful knitting.

Today, I want to share my newest Moroccan Fedora from the new World Knits PDF Collection available on my website here or on Ravelry here

This hat is one of the four different featured designs from this creative and colorful pattern. It is called the "Pillbox Cap" and it is a rather quick knit. Here is my reticent model Julia wearing it.

Here's another view.

And a closeup of the embroidery I added. 

You can see a short video of me steaming it here

I have been going through some of my textile books recently looking for inspiration for some new tea towel fabric designs. One of my most favorite books is called Silk and Cotton Textiles from the Central Asia That Was by Susan Meller (2013, Abrams). It is available on Amazon now for a very good price if this kind of book is your jazz. 

Susan Meller is an amazingly accomplished textile collector and author. I have all three of her inspiring books in my library and turn to them constantly for inspiration. You can check out her website hereThe riches of Silk and Cotton Textiles is astounding. There are essays by collectors, beautiful photos of embroidered, handwoven fabrics including ikats, a large selection of period photos from the early 1900's and so much more. I purchased this book when it was first published at $60. Now, as with all "old" books, the price has diminished into paperback pricing. If you are inspired by these kinds of fabrics and books and color ranges, I highly suggest you add it to your library. 

In my last pass through this tome, I stumbled upon pages of incredible handmade, embroidered hats worn by tribes in Central Asia. I couldn't believe the similarity in shape of many of these children's hats to my Pillbox Hat design. The intricacy of the embroidery on the hats was amazing and many could be used as your own inspiration for a Fedora or two using my Moroccan Fedora PDF Pattern as a base for your own design. 

In all of The World Knits Collection PDF Downloads, I include empty charts so that you can design your own project. There are also extra charts to try out which are not featured on any of the sample projects. 

My goal has always been to inspire knitters to create their very own designs. I really enjoy seeing what others have done using my patterns as "jumping off" points for their own color combinations, motifs, charts and designs. That is one of the most rewarding parts of being an author and teacher. For me, there is no right or wrong way to do things and I love to see how folks turn an idea into their own. 

So, here's what I challenge you to do during this crazy time in history... step out of your comfort zone and try a new pattern. Draw your own chart. Combine new and different colors. And send me photos of your successes or failures! As I see it, there are NO FAILURES - ONLY LEARNING EXPERIENCES FOR A FUTURE SUCCESS.  

Thank you Susan Meller for all the work you have put into your books and collections. They are priceless. 

The Moroccan Fedora PDF Pattern is available 
on my website here or 
on Ravelry here
Stay safe and well everyone and as Elizabeth said.... Knit On!

BTW, Meg Swansen emailed me recently to let me know that she has gotten her hands on 10 copies of Anatolian Knitting that I recently blogged about HERE. You can purchase on the Schoolhouse Press Website. 


Barwitzki said...

Wonderful hat... Thank you, I love colors and patterns.
The book is just great. Thanks for the tip.
Greetings to you. Viola

Robin said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I may have to start a hat some time in the next several days. While both of my current projects are adequate, neither of them are inspiring joy and making another hat from the fedora pattern would. Thanks for this post! I always am inspired by seeing you knitting!

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