Thursday, March 01, 2007

News the Old Fashioned Way

I read the NYTimes a few days of the week for the Style, Dining, House and Home, Business, and Magazine sections mostly. Since Streeter’s closed, I now buy my NYT at the Country Corner in Bernardston. They have been kind enough to hold it for me three days a week. I usually don’t get to reading it for a few days but today I was stunned to see none other than “fat-tailed sheep” with shepherds in the center of Cairo on the front cover. After my post on tail docking the other day, I though some of you might want to see what an honest to goodness fat-tailed sheep looks like. I wonder how the shepherds control flies there, much less keep the speeding trucks away from the animals in the center of the city. Take a look for fun – the article is quite interesting too.

Back in the business section, I found an article about digital cameras. The Farmer bought me a new camera for my birthday last fall which I have been using like a crazy woman. Picture after picture of cute little sheep and darling little Julia are overloading my iPhoto folder on my iMac desktop. My camera is reviewed in today's NYT article and since everyone seems to like my photos, you can read about it there = it's a Canon PowerShot S3 IS. And yes, it has come down in price since last fall.

Here are some of the “Julia” yarn photos I took for my web page re-do last fall. Unfortunately, they were too busy for the Julia web page – I went with a simple PDF-able color card shot instead of the artsy, blurry photos. These show the range of the camera and how pretty the Julia colors are together - all taken by a complete amateur. The camera has lots of programmable and the manual options make it similar to shooting on my old Nikon FM with film. It has a fabulous 12X zoom. I can do the faded out, fuzzy background thingie easily by adjusting the f-stop. It takes awesome close-ups in its SuperMacro mode. It also takes pretty great movies and the sound isn’t bad either – maybe one day I’ll be able to post our very own “Lampede.” Generally, I haven't found anything I dislike on it yet. Thanks to Hunt Camera in Hadley for steering me in the right direction.

Back to the NYTimes.... All for a buck - and I don't have to wait forever for the homepage to load on my computer which is shear torture. I just don't have the patience. I'll gladly keep paying the dollar so I can feel the paper, smell the ink and relax for a few brief moments with some old-fashioned newspaper technology.


kneek said...

I love the yarn pictures; the colors are fantastic, as is the photography. I appreciate reading what sort of camera you use. Since I've started blogging, it has become woefully apparent just how inadequate our camera is. Our initial criteria in buying a digital camera was to find something that could fit in a pocket, but my priorities have shifted recently.

Patricia said...

do you develop the color range for Julia? If so how do you come up with the colors.


Anonymous said...

Kristin ~

I love reading your blog and seeing photos of MA, which I love and miss. I wanted to ask if you minded if I copy your photos onto my computer to use as "screensaver" materials. (I'm at laughingmuse1 at yahoo dot com if you prefer to comment there.)

Especially now as the seasons will be changing again, I long for the Northeast!

And the array of colors in yarn is a happy sight, particularly in winter.

Joanne said...

You're so lucky to have access to the print version of the NY Times! It's just not available here in our area of KY. Every so often, my professor husband finds one discarded at the local university--they are part of a student education program, but not for sale-- and brings it home to me. Those pre-read papers are the best presents!

Anonymous said...

Your yarn colors are so beautiful!
I'm also enjoying all the cute sheep photos and stories.I learn quite a lot from your blog while also being inspired.Thanks for sharing! :) Laura

Penny said...

i have the first generation of that camera and love it (i'm not good at taking pictures though). thank you for your beautiful posts and pictures.

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