Thursday, May 21, 2009

Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival This Weekend

This weekend is the small and family friendly Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Festival. If you are looking for a fun day, drive to Cummington and enjoy all the sheep, sheep dogs, wool, mohair, angora, and food! Julia and I are going on Saturday so please say hi if you see us looking around!

If you have time after the Festival, drive on up to our Farmstand which I finally have open! It's not real fancy but it will do the trick. I've got the freezer loaded with our lamb and a fridge full of fresh eggs. It's self-serve so bring cash or a check. I've got to get the signs for the road done - and hope to have them on the trees they need to be on by Saturday morning.

I'm working on a website for this new venture, but for now, I've got driving directions on a new Leyden Glen Lamb Blog I just started this week. It also has "frequently asked questions" about buying lamb. Although this isn't as professional and sleek as I want it to be, it was the quickest way for me to get the information out there! I'll let you all know when the "real" website is up.


marit said...

Well done on your website- good luck! It looks really delicious!

Have fun at the festival:-)

SojournerDesign said...

Hi Kristen,

Well do wander over to our booth (Woolies of Shirkshire and Sojourner Design); we'll be next door to Green Mountain Spinnery.


Anonymous said...

Just found your site, and seeing the sheep and you mentioning the coyotes thought I would tell you that a friend of mine Australia uses lamas to protect the sheep from wolves, said it worked well enough that she sometimes sells some of the lamas to other farmers.

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