Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Blog with A View on The First "Get Stitched" Knitting Weekend

I'm off to the Bernardston Farmer's Market to sell our Leyden Glen Lamb this afternoon with Julia after delivering ground lamb and stew meat to Greenfields Market and sample ribs and shoulder to a swanky restaurant in Sunderland who is interested in our lamb. Running, running, running around this summer......

I'm still working on the post about the "Get Stitched Weekend" but you can find a write-up about the weekend in the eyes of one of the participants here at Pug&Yarn. Check it out. In September, I'm running the Sunflower Immersion/Knitting/Stitching Weekend. Happily, the sunflowers are up and there will be some. We're not supposed to have too much rain this week which should help them grow some!


Anonymous said...


that was a wonderful review and write up. Coming to your farm for a kniting workshop is now my dream.

Debra in Seattle

Kate G. said...

Terrific post on Pug & Yarn. I felt as if I'd been there. Hayrides! Blueberry picking!! Steeks!!! Sounds like a dream weekend to me, plus participants got a sneak peak at your new book. Lucky knitters they are, as Yoda would say.