Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And It Begins Again....

Life is back to normal here at our farm. It's hard to believe that summer is drawing to a close. School has started for Julia and for me that means days are hectic. The rush to get out the door in the morning is the biggest challenge of every day. Trying to cram all my projects into the school hours isn't really long enough. At least I'm not working on a book right now to make me extra crazy.

After school, three days a week, Julia and I are still selling our lamb at Farmer's Markets in local towns near us. If you are interested, here's our schedule:
Tuesday - Bernardston
Wednesday - Turner's Falls (we don't always make this one)
Thursday - Northfield
Thursday - The Farmer does South Hadley

Have you all seen the movie Julie/Julia yet? I loved it. Although critics panned the "Julie" part of the movie, I loved it. I think that the comparison between both women and their environments were fabulous. Brooklyn in 2002 vs. Paris in the 1940's. Of course, Paris wins. But the way that cooking and learning about cooking threaded its way through both Julie and Julia's lives was wonderful.

A couple weeks ago we were riding in the car. I was trying to give Julia one of my little talks about how she really does need to start learning some life skills so that she can get a job when she gets older. Julia is totally set on the fact that she is going to be a famous movie producer, having Miley Cyrus starring in all her films. I told her that it is always good to have a fall-back job, just in case the dream job doesn't work out. I asked her what she thought she would like to start learning about for an alternative. She surprised the heck out of me by telling me she wanted to learn to cook. Me, sitting in the front of the car, driving along, nearly swerved off the road. "Okay, Julia, I can help you with that."

So we began with Julia's Reine de Saba. We made it right after the first day of school so that we could have a special dessert.

It was fabulous and now I think will be our go-to Chocolate Cake recipe.

I've got my Sunflower/Knitting/Stitching Immersion Weekend coming up on Saturday and Sunday. Posting here will probably be a bit spotty because I have lots to prepare for the guests. Still working on my "to do" list from the last weekend in August, truth be told.


Gigi said...

Your little Julia is so cute -- love that smile!
One of my granddaughters (the 3 year old!) loves cooking too. She watches cooking shows on TV and asks her dad to read her cookbooks at bedtime ;-). Her favorite cookbooks at the moment are "The Fairy Cookbook" and "The Princess Cookbook" -- gotta love it!

Bonnie said...

Mmm, that cake looks good. Thanks for the recipe link!

Willow said...

Yes, it is always good to have a back up career. My own daughter wanted to be an actress. Then her back up career blossomed: she is truly a rocket scientist (and has a t-shirt to prove it!). Tell Julia that if that chocolate cake tastes as good as it looks, her back up cook career is definitely a go!

Carol said...

My daughter wants to be a baker (not a cook, mind you. She wants to make cakes!) I can highly recommend Cherry Cakes and Ginger Beer by Jane Brocket. It's wonderful to read the children's stories that inspired the recipes and your Julia is a great age for the books.

Diane H K in Greenfield said...

Holy smokes! I bet you nearly did swerve off the road! Julia's response is so left field!!! Not what I would have ever expected, but it's totally awesome. She's such a great girl, Kristin, and I know you know that, but sometimes it just bears repeating. Go, Julia!!!

PS: Kristin, I won a third-place ribbon for my embroidery-embellished Christmas stocking, a la Kristin, at the fair! It's the one I posted about quite a while back on your Colorful Stitchery Stitchalong blog. I'm so thrilled!

Bridget said...

Good for Julia! You can never go wrong knowing how to cook, no matter what else you do.

Michele in Maine said...

Julia looks really happy to be going back to school! And I'm so impressed with her cooking!

Turtle said...

evil dessert pics!

Julia looks so adorable! Hope she's enjoying it!

Gudrun Johnston said...

Looks simply scrummy!

alison said...

Wow!...when I saw the pic of the cake with the two spoons, I just assumed that you had stopped off at a bakery for your afterschool treat!...Go Julia!...that cake is beautiful and it looks delish!

Megs said...

ooh, that is my go to cake too. Our family absolutely loves it. Felt the same way about Julie/Julia. While I thought Meryl Streep was superb in her portrayal of JC, I did not find myself wishing that the Julie parts would hurry up and be over already. Good luck with the back to school transition.

amysue said...

This post made me realize I need to cook more with the kids. They're 14 and 11 now and there is no reason they can't follow a recipe.

I think that we will pick a cookbook and work our way through it!

That cake looks so amazingly good.

Mom on Health Patrol said...

Oh my goodness, that looks good!

Anonymous said...

I loved Julie and Julia too! How great that Julia chose something you can do with her!! :)

Donna S.

Anonymous said...

Questions about the cake:
1. What did you do on this?
2. What did Julia do?
3. How come I can spend a weekend at your house and no one tells me this.

BTW -- there was none of this cake left in Kristin's refridgerator for house guests!


Karin said...

hehe...i do believe she's going to be just fine!

Anonymous said...

Karin -- you'll be the next sous chef!


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