Friday, September 25, 2009

See You at FiberTwist Tomorrow!

First off, they are predicting frost tonight. It already feels like it. I've got to spend the day harvesting sunflowers, zinnias, and whatever else is still alive in the garden. This is always a bittersweet day in the year and if we're lucky, our sunflower field and our garden at the house will escape the magic 32 degree temp. We shall see. I didn't even make any pesto for the freezer yet and with all the stuff that it going on here, I don't think it is going to happen.

Julia and I will be heading down to Greenfield to set up at FiberTwist at Greenfield High School tomorrow a.m. If you read this blog and come by our booth, please mention that you read this post. I will have something special waiting there for you. It's going to be a beautiful day for a drive all you eastern Mass readers! The leaves are turning here and there are some fabulous bits of red in the swamps along Route 2. Colorful leaves and wooly things, what more do you want on a Saturday!

Besides my books and postcards, we're also going to be selling our Leyden Glen Farm's frozen lamb meat. I'll have an assortment of cuts with me. Frozen meat travels well but if you want me to bring you a lot or want special cuts held for you, please either e-mail me or call. You can find more information on our "Leyden Glen Lamb" website.

Note: I don't take credit cards - only cash and good checks!
Also, we are out of sausage right now and our ground lamb supply is very low.

And by the way, did you see the new Saveur Magazine with its cover feature "Why Lamb Rules." Wow - what a great bunch of recipes. Gotta buy a few copies of this one to keep.


Jessica K. said...

Ooh! My sister-in-law is the main secretary/editor/gopher at Saveur. I've been to their offices in Manhattan. You wouldn't believe the tables full of edibles that get sent there, hoping for a positive review! We took home granola, hot sauces, fancy wines.. it was good times. :)

Janis said...

How happy was *I* to see that Saveur come out the day after I picked up my lamb from you. I made lamb shanks last night and they were amazing. Check it out on my food blog

Best lamb ever!

Kathy said...

Lovely to meet you yesterday and pick up your new book.
Sally Fallon author of Nourishing Traditions is the book I mentioned.

I'm doing a project on "the creative impulse" and "why must I knit".
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Up for an interview?


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