Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Sunflowers + Another Preview from Color by Kristin

The day I was leaving for Detroit, I stopped by the Sunflower Field to take a last look. The weather was said to be turning colder and I knew I had to take some photos since it would be a good nine months before I could enjoy the flowers again. The flowers were still blooming and there were hundreds that were fighting to hang on and bloom. We had planted several rows late in August hoping for a late frost.

The wind was whipping and it was difficult to take any focused photos. This flower looks cold against the changing leaves, naked trees, and grey sky.

The bees on this Mammoth Sunflower were fighting for the last bit of pollen.

While I was gone, the weather did indeed turn very cold, so cold that all the flowers died. Today, I stopped by to see them. Everything was shriveled, looking fragile and sad.

The large Mammoth Sunflowers never got real big this year due to the wet weather and really late start. Here is one bending towards the earth, ready to compost into the ground and enrich the soil for next year.

Which leads me to how you can enjoy sunflowers this winter.... on my "lazy daisy tea cosy" project from my new book Color by Kristin.

This tea cosy is one of the easiest projects in the book. It is knit in the round (only one color per round). It features a bobbled edge and a fun knitted knob. After it was knit, I decorated it with bobbles, French knots, lazy daisies and woven bar leaves. You can order a signed copy of my new book directly from my website here. But please, support your local book and yarn store if they are stocking Color by Kristin. Thank you.


Gigi said...

That tea cosy is wonderful!

shell said...

~ lovely Kristin ~
Good Morning.
thank you for the wonderful photo previews of your latest book.
The teapot cozy is perfect. I especially appreciate how often you add updates to your blog & as an aspiring childrens' book illustrator I enjoy learning more about the whole book process.
Do you know a book called:
Shall I Knit You A Hat ?
by sisters, Kate & M.Sarah Klise.
I think Julia would like it. The animals are terrific, the story is beautiful & the drawings are so warm and cosy.
happy october day
shell ~

Deborah said...

Poor sunflowers. They look so sad when they droop! :(

The tea cozy is cute. I'm anxious to see the new book (and buy it, of course!).

Gretchen Joanna said...

Thank you for the sunflower history in pictures!

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I always love your blog, Kristin. Thanks.

My problem is that I don't want to do the easiest project in the book. Unfortunately, I want to knit both the Over-The-Top Shawl, and the Southwest-Style Sleeved Wrap.

The Mother-Daughter Mittens remind my friend who has been to Turkey, of the tulip motifs found there so often. We may do a knit-along.

I don't wear full mittens but may make them with an opening for my fingers at the top. Might remove one leaf repeat to do it.

I "live" in fingerless gloves/handwarmers about 7 months of the year, often indoors. These would be so cheerful in winter.

Anyway... love the book and appreciated your inscription very much. Best of luck.

Willow said...

The morning after the first frost is the saddest day of the year.

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