Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Knit It Felt It Zip It Bag Inspired by the Garden

It has taken me forever to finish this bag I have been working on. It is the largest version of the Knit It Felt It Zip It Bag.

I haven't been able to find the time for sewing in the zipper and lining. That's what is good about slow traffic at farmers markets - I have plenty of time to finish up odds and ends. I lined the bag with an odd scrap of gold colored silk. It is good to put light colored linings in bags so that it is easy to find things in your bag.

Lots of my designs are inspired by colors I see around me in nature. Many times, I will put one of nature's color combinations in my memory bank and then knit it later. I must have done that with this bag that I made back in March. I stumbled upon this lovely shrub blooming in our garden in May and it reminded me of the color combination of the bag I had recently knit.

The shrub is some kind of Spirea which was here when we bought the house. If anyone knows the name, please leave it in the comments. I love the colors of the charteuse leaves and the little dark maroon budding blossoms.

After the buds blossom, they turn a beautiful pink. They look great in a vase.

You can buy my Knit It Felt It Zip It Bag on my shop page. The pattern comes in four sizes. The bag pictured is the largest size.

I've had a few people tell me they have had trouble understanding how to pick up around the base of the bag on the circular needles. I will admit, on the smaller bags, it is tricky. Here is a photo (not so good, sorry) of how I sometimes use four needles - here a wacky combo of circulars and double pointed. I thumbtacked the rectangle to a cork board - that is what the red and blue bits are to make it easier for you to see. You can see that you will pick up at both short sides and at the cast on edge. After working around the rectangle in garter stitch for a few rounds, you should be able to drop the extra needles and continue on with a circular. Sounds confusing but you'll work your way through it.

The Knit It Felt It Zip It Bag is a great small project for summer knitting. Good weekend everyone.


Sharon said...


I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I really look forward to it, all aspects of it. I love your color infused life. Living in MN, our winter is similar to yours, and living for months on end in a world of white, gray and black is hard until you add color into your personal part of the world. Using your books as encouragement I'm gaining in adding more and more color into my world.

Valerie Young said...

Hi, Kristin,
I have been enjoying your blog. Color is such a happy thing, isn't it!
Your plant may be Joe Pye Weed. Or not!

Paige said...

I live in a remote area and visit your blog daily to help me feel in touch with the outside world. Thank you for posting frequently. It helps cheer me up. I watch you on Knit and Crochet Now and always learn something new and useful from you.

Eileen said...

I love, love, love the colors in this. So beautiful!

Chris said...

I have already knit 4 of your bags aand I just realized there are extra charts! I have to knit some more-where have I been !

Jennifer said...

I love this bag! Thanks for the tip too! :)

Virginia G said...

It's cute! Love those colors.

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