Friday, February 11, 2011

Fern Stitch Embroidery on Handknits from Color By Kristin - Bloomsbury Gloves

Photo John Gruen Courtesy Sixth and Spring Books
The photo above shows my Bloomsbury Gloves knit from my Julia Yarn from my book Color By Kristin. I have now completed uploading the series of video tutorials on all the embroidery stitches you will need to decorate these gloves: French Knots, Fern Stitch, Lazy Daisy, and Spider Web. You can find them on a new link on my sidebar at left. I really do hope that some of you try to add embroidery to your handknits. It isn't hard - as you will see by watching the videos!

Here is the last one - Fern Stitch Video Tutorial......

After you watch it you should be also able to make the leaves on my Sunflower Pillow (pattern available as PDF download here) as shown on the close-up below:



Frances said...

I own that beautiful book of yours, and so far have only make those wonderful Turkish pointy-toed slippers. Thank you for reminding me about these gloves. I usually use intarsia tech to get colors into my knitting, but also very much like the texture your embroidery gives.

Best wishes.

Jennifer said...

I love all the tutorials! Once our home projects slow just a bit, I look forward to sitting down and creating again. Thanks for the kitchen compliments. We are surviving winter and hope you are too. We are supposed to hit 40 degrees this week which makes me so so so excited! Enjoy your weekend!

JFibers said...

I just purchased your kid's knitting book to use with my high school fiber arts class. They are just learning to knit and we're going to make softies. Your video tutorials will come in handy for the embellishments of their animals. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
(p.s. I used your spider web tutorial for the eyes of my sample frog softie!)

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