Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Knitters All Over the World

One of the lovely things about attending VK Live was meeting many, many knitters. And getting to share the way I see color and the art of knitting. It is a great priviledge to write a knitting book but to be down in the trenches with the real knitters - now that is fun of another kind! 

I never thought I would meet knitters from overseas at VK Live. I guess I really didn't think about it. I know I have blog readers from all over the world but I have never met any of them (except for one). In a few of my classes, I had students from Germany which was a pleasant surprise. Gives me the idea that in Germany, knitting must be up and coming again! To top it all off, one of the students - Martina Hecht - is a blogger! She writes "MaschenGold.". Her blog is available both in German and English! Wow - what a lot of work!  Here you can read a review of my "Joy of Color" class. It sounds like she "got" what I was trying to share. I hope she shares it with her fellow knitters in Germany too!

If you haven't had the chance to look yet, my new "Get Stitched on the Farm" website is up! Here's the link. You can poke around it. Check out the dates for the new classes! The banner below was one that didn't quite fit. Too bad - it was too tall.

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Martina Hecht said...

Dear Kristin,

Thank you so much for this wonderful post and for linking to the (German version of the) article, the translation into English can be read here: I really try to write each and every article in both languages, of course it is more work, but a lot of fun, too.

And yes, there are many many knitters in Germany, a rising number of small businesses that offer handknit items, and we have a very lively blog scene over here.

With MaschenGold, I try to convey the passion for knitting. Another intention is to connect knitters worldwide, that's why I attended Vogue Knitting Live, which was an amazing event!


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