Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer's Here Officially

Wild roses blooming - the scourge of every farmer! But they sure are pretty in June.

A lovely pink rose in my sister-in-law Debbie's garden celebrating the upcoming marriage of our lovely niece Aimee and Jeff.

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone!


Caffeine Girl said...

I didn't know wild roses were a problem! That is sad because they are so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog very much. I felt like I learned a lot with your lamb stories earlier this year. One of the things that is amazing to me is the difference in seasons. Our rose season has been past for several weeks now. Multiflora rose...AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! They end up providing support for Japanese honeysuckle and shelter for poison ivy. The only thing that will eat them around here (Virginia)is a goat.

ellen said...

We have tiny, wee wild roses here. The worst is the wild blackberry. If you can reach them to pick, they are delicious, but often they are out of reach and so invasive here.
I am a fairy tale princess (old, old, old) and they are invading my house..We may have a wholesale nursery, but have no yard, no grass(pasture, yes) and like the cobbler's children with no shoes, we have no lovely landscaping. Work never ends and the "extras" never get done, but it is a good life.
Someday, a geriatric prince of astounding age may hack his way through all of this and turn it into a magic kingdom. (NOT)

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