Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Creative Connection in Minnesota

The Creative Connection is giving away 2 free spots at their event including hotel. You'll have to pay for your airfare but it's a great weekend for creative people, for sure. What a bang of energy you will leave with - I promise!

Here's the link to the contest. Good luck everyone! Check out all the great classes with the link on my sidebar.

And to leave you with a bit of eye candy... aaaawwwww.

The winner of Brett's new book Sewing in a Straight Line is Casey who wrote....
My first memory of sewing is sitting at my Grandmothers feet as she taught me to resew the hem on my dress, about six years old. I'll be sewing costumes for the local Children's Theater in my small town. Congrats Casey! Don't forget about Brett's great contest to win a sewing machine and serger courtesy of Simplicity! Her contest ends August 12th.

Back to cleaning the fridge and washing the floors.


Chris said...

The kittens are adorable!! Who makes the rug/carpet the kittens are on? Love the style, love the colors!

tina said...

I want to go. Really, really bad. A lot. Have I mentioned to the point of sighing heavily at a regular basis??????? I'm planning to WIN it :), if not, plan X might have to prevail. Your class is of course sold out. (cranky cranky cranky here!!!)

Johnson @ Farm Bureau Insurance Tennessee said...

I like the simplicity of your blog, especially those kittens curdling each other.

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