Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Day Before Rhinebeck - One Day Beginner Fair Isle/Steeking Retreat Here at Leyden Glen Farm

I'm trying something new this year. Last spring, a tour company arranged for a visit here at the farm just before the annual "Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival." The name of the tour was "The Road to Rhinebeck" and it was a literary and knitting tour. Sounded great! I was glad to be included and be able to show the working sheep farm and my art off before the knitters went on to Rhinebeck. Unfortunately, with the state of the current economy, the trip didn't fill. I was left with a free day on my hands. Rather than moan about the loss of a day's work, I have decided that I will take this as an opportunity to have a special ONE DAY RETREAT here at the farm on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14th.

The class is being held on a Friday so it may involve you either taking a vacation day or calling in to your job with some awful illness (I won't tell, I promise). Come with a friend or by yourself. I guarantee a nice day in the country, near grazing sheep, in my colorful studio! Knitting, knitting int the round on double points, steeking, color inspiration and good food.

Check out my Retreat website here. Here is the link for this special One Day Fair Isle and Steeking Retreat. E-mail me with any questions (link on sidebar).

If you would like to plan a similar class with your knitting friends here at the farm, e-mail me and we can set up a time to come for a special One Day Retreat. Yarn shops and knitting guilds are also welcome although physical space is limited. I am also available Sundays and during the week with advance planning.

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Claudia Horner said...

Say you have the dreaded steeks!

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