Monday, October 31, 2011


Orange is the color of the day here on Halloween in the States. I love the color orange - it is positively warm and beautiful. It inspires my knitting, my home, and our clothing.


So nice to be surrounded by it in nature, if only for a brief time in October. This photo was taken a couple weeks ago. There is barely a leaf left on the trees now.

This year's chicks are grown. I chose orange Buff Orpingtons and they are beginning to lay now.

The turning leaves from the hills behind the growing lamb looks like a painting, doesn't it?

For all you spinners out there, you can see what all the rain has done to this lamb's fleece. I'm wondering how other farmers wool has fared through this crazy weather.


Sally said...

I like that one wacky curl at the top of her head though. ;)

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for you to show a kind of before and after sequence - "here's the gorgeous autumnal color" followed by "and here's what 20 inches of snow looks like on all that gorgeous autumnal color..."

Did you get snow..? We're here in the Hudson Valley and I'm still looking at it out my window this morning... *heavy sigh*

NY Mom

Sarah Rooker said...

I love your orange photos. Our woods are still filled with orange beech. I think I'll take some photos today!

MicheleinMaine said...

As always, you have such an artist's eye with your photography, Kristin! I hope the fall colors hold on a little bit longer. This snow thing is, well, ridiculous!

adaliza said...

I read your post about Julia - the yarn at the beginning of October and I simply had to have some. I had it shipped over to Hampshire, UK (shipping cost a fortune, but wow - it was worth it). I just LOVE LoVe lOvE love this yarn - it's amazing. My friend is visiting next month and has offered to bring me over some more - I'm making a blanket and enjoying every hooky stitch! Love the pups - we have 2 border collies and a duck (long story). Enjoy your blog - and thanks for designing such brilliant yarn.

Susan said...

Our Romeney's wool looks AWFUL this year. We're about an hour north of you and had a lot of rain. The fleece is how I (try to) make money from our sheep....oh well.

Susan said...

spellcheck "Romney's"

Kathy said...

Oh gosh, I do so love your photography!! Every picture a little treasure. THANKS.

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