Monday, November 07, 2011

Dear Zinnias,

Thank you for your beauty and color.


Oh how I will miss your sunny faces.

Until next August......


Anonymous said...

There is a certain melancholy with fall. It's beautiful but.... . I live where it's warmer than you (Virginia) but this fall has been ALL over the place. The only plants lingering in my vegetable garden were the peppers and kale and Friday's cold snap took out the peppers. I just counting my lucky stars that we didn't get 2 ft of snow like you did.

philogirl said...

I love Zinnias! They are a must in my garden. The only other flower that gives the beautiful bright bold color is the ranunculus.

Anonymous said...

~ I totally agree, Kristin.
I was so sad to see the sunflowers finish blooming. I made a sunflower house in my garden of six different types of sunflowers, with the entryway being morning glories climbing over a lilac branch trellice that I made.
I did prolong the sunflowers bloom though. I brought inside a huge clay pot with sunflowers that were super tall, but hadn't yet bloomed.
Its been fun watching them open up one by one, so tall, nearly at the ceiling. I will plant sunflowers in the pot all Winter !! The room gets wonderful sunlight , so I hope it works.
Winston & Archie are amazing :)
Shell ~

Elaine said...

Your zinnias are so colorful!! Why don't you enlarge the pictures you took and tack them to the wall in your studio? Then they'll be there to remind you that they'll be back next year and you could add new pictures every year. The only thing I have left are geraniums. Their leaves have turned beautiful colors but the flowers just keep on giving. We're (Chicago) supposed to get frost tomorrow or Thursday night so that will probably take care of them.

Barbara Dykes said...

I love zinnias too - this year - they grew over 6 feet tall - just regulars too.

Always love your stories - thanks for sharing.

Rose Lane farm said...

I am so glad someone else loves zinnias as much as I do. I collected seeds from a patch last year and tripled the patch this year. I've been collecting and collecting and can't wait to see next year's flowers! I love them!- Julie

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