Monday, December 05, 2011

Follow-Up to Too Darn Cute

How they made the video that is "Too Darn Cute!"

Here is the link to watch on YouTube. Those lambs definitely had several baths! I wonder what farm they came from? Hope the farmers got paid lots. I don't think our sheep would participate. When I photographed my lambs in sweaters and Olympia with her flowered lei, I had one assistant! You can read about that here. Look at all those people.


philogirl said...

I think it is impossible that they got those sheep that tame in one week. You and I both know how sheep are. Bottle babies? They were very cute.


Hanna Ashley said...

I am so excited about this contest! Please enter me! My birthday is Dec. 8 and wouldn't winning fiber stuff be just THE BEST!! I will be 69 years young and have enough yarn to last at least two more lifetimes!

I am crocheting scarves and hats for gifts this year. All kinds of scarves, not just the traditional kinds. I am also trying my hand (and hook) at slippers for the first time.

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