Friday, December 02, 2011

This Morning at Our Farm

The Amherst Winter Market begins tomorrow at the Amherst Middle School. Stop by and stock your freezer if you are a lamb lover. Julia and l have some great recipes for you to try. Also, my holiday cards. Mark will be at the Northampton Winter Market in the basement of Thorne's Marketplace. We'd love to see any locals.

Chilly day - everything is covered with frost. Love crisp mornings like this. Here are some photos from our walk.


Mariah said...

The backlight through the sheep's ears is wonderful!

Elaine said...

Your sheep look quite happy and I feel like they love Phoebe and Nessie even though they don't know it!! The singing lambs are too precious.

Anita said...

absolutely LOVE your pictures of the dogs and sheep. It makes me want to go and knit and spin wool immediately!! I am a big fan of your blog.

Adaliza said...

Love seeing your collies working, even when they're out for a walk. Ours found some deer in the New Forest in Hampshire yesterday - they also found some lovely muddy puddles!
I'm looking forward to some good thick frosts - just love the winter. Those lamb cards are adorable too.
I'm a bit behind with my crochet of Julia yarn atm - Christmas fairs and brisk business are to blame!

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