Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Kristin Nicholas Leyden Glen Farm Calendars - Something Free For All of You!

I've spent a bit of time over the past month and a half looking through my 2011 photos. I think it is always a good idea to look back on past projects because then you know how much your style has improved, changed, or stayed the same. I think of this blog as one big project - a visual diary of our lives here on the farm and my knitting and designing life and work. In 2011, I took over 10,000 photos - most of them not good enough to share here but part of the process of improving my skills. Thank goodness for digital photography! I also acquired a couple new lenses for my Canon DSLR which really helped improve my photos and to get me headed where I want to go for this blog and you all. I now use the following lenses for my still life product and animal photos - this 50 mm lens and this 85 mm "portrait" lens

In 2011, I worked a lot of my still life photography, mostly taking product photos of my knitting and some of my lamb recipes for our Leyden Glen Farm Lamb business and also for Real Pickles (a local pickle company). (BTW, Real Pickles just won their second "Good Food" award. Congrats Dan and Addie! You can check out my photos on their website here.)  I decided to offer TWO 2012 CALENDARS FOR FREE to you all, my blog readers. If you want to leave a donation for my time and help me to cover my different costs associated with photography and keeping this blog running, feel free to. There's a DONATE link below. But please don't feel obligated.

I hope you all enjoy the two different versions of this year's Kristin Nicholas/Leyden Glen Farm calendars. Both are formated at 8 1/2 x 11" and feature a color photo on each page along with the month's days. Download away. Print out the pages and enjoy. To fasten the pages together you have several options -
1)  Take the pages to a copy shop and have them spiral bound.
2)  Punch 2 holes at the top of the pages and thread some pretty yarn through the pages for hanging.
3)  Attach a bulldog clip which has a hole on the top of it and hang it on a nail.

For THE ANIMALS OF LEYDEN GLEN FARM, click here. This calendar features sheep, lambs, dogs and kittens.

For THE COLORS OF LEYDEN GLEN FARM, click here. This calendar features still lives and interior shots.

The file will download automatically to your computer in PDF format. Each calendar is 14 pages long. I suggest printing them out on heavy card stock or on a glossy photo paper. If you don't have a color printer, put the file on a flash drive and take it to your local copy shop. They can print the calendars for you. Or ask a tech savvy friend with a printer to help you out.

If you want to donate, click on the button below

Enjoy everyone -- spread the word so your friends can enjoy the seasons, the animals and the colors of Leyden Glen Farm. Hang the calendars in your office, your knitting room, your barn, or your kitchen.

All our best for 2012,
Kristin, Mark and Julia


Mary G said...

Kristin ... I've pinterest-ed these. They are gorgeous. What a gift you have for photography.

Have you considered selling prints of any of these -- I particularly love the sheep ones.

Happy knittin' and designin'
Mary G.

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing - I needed one more wall calendar for our house! Thanks so much. Your critters will look marvelous on our office wall.
-- stashdragon

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kristin! My yarn CSA (Foxfire Fibers up there with you in MA) calendar is finished so this is wonderful timing!

Laura Timmerman said...

Great idea, Kristen! And beautiful pictures and set up. I've thought about making a farm calender or perhaps a postcard(s) but I like your plan better - design it and let people print it the way they like.

Your photography is getting better and better!!!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Kristin!!
Thanks for always sharing your amazing talents.

sheepyhollow said...

You are a gifted artisan in every thing you do! Simply beautiful!!

Turtle said...


Anonymous said...

~ Both calendars are beautiful ~
The animals are classic & the flowers with the terrific still lifes are warm & glowing with color. I loVe your use of colors !
Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring work, Kristin.
Shell ~

Janelle said...

What a lovely gift. I mixed and matched from the two calendars to make my own custom 2012 calendar. Thank you!

BlakeHerz said...

Here give a lovely photos for the 2012 Kristin Nicholas Leyden Glen Farm Calendars. It is batter explanation for the new pattern of calender. I like to buy this nice calender.

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