Thursday, January 05, 2012

Where I'll Be Teaching Soon and Knit Chat

Hard to believe in less than 2 weeks, I'll be in NYC teaching 2 classes at the second VK Live/NYC Show. Looking forward to The Big Apple and meeting so many new faces. If you haven't signed up for classes yet, it may be too late but there is a great market. Nice day out for sure if you can get to NYC. My classes are sold out - sorry.

If you are localish to western Massachusetts, you still have a chance to take a class with me very soon - at Webs in Northampton. I'm taking a day off from the Amherst Winter Farmers Market January 28th to teach two classes at Webs.
1. Embroidering on Knits and Crochet
2. The Edge of Color.
Check out all the classes here now on the Webs Winter Class Roster. Wouldn't it be great to learn something new that you can practice for the rest of the winter season? And this is fun stuff. All skill levels welcome.

I was honored that Carol Sulcoski included the end to my Julia Yarn in her year-end wrap-up of yarn on her blog "Go Knit in Your Hat." You can read the post here. And then lo and behold, I was listening to the Webs Podcast last night and Kathy Elkins and Carol spoke about the loss of my Julia Yarn as a sad highlight for 2011. If you get a chance, listen to their Year-End Wrap-Up which gives the highlights of the yarn world. Here is the link to the year-end chat. Listen and knit. What could be better. Thanks Carol and Kathy.

It is so nice to be appreciated by members of the warm and friendly knitting community. It has been a rough year for me yarn-wise but I continue to go forth, trying to keep the momentum going and coming up with new ideas for you all to knit. Change is good, as they say. It helps to shake things up and try new things. I've got some pretty nice news I'll be sharing in a couple weeks so keep checking in.

Here's a photo of one of the Christmas gifts I made my neighbor Debbie who helps me out with the cooking for my Knitting Retreats. I used my Julia Yarn and my "Sunflowers and Zinnias Pattern." I felted the flowers and added some french knots. Then I cut two circles of washed and felted wool fabric and handsewed a flower on one of the pieces using sewing thread. I used my sewing machine to sew the two pieces of wool together, enclosing a small tab for hanging. I hope she uses them, not thinking they are too pretty (like my Mom who doesn't want to ruin the potholders I made her). 

You can order the PDF Pattern for the Sunflowers and Zinnia here for $6. Or on Ravelry here. They are a great project for pick up and carry around knitting. Check out all the specifics here.


Cheryl said...

Just wanted to let you know that Julia is my favorite yarn, too, and I was so sad to hear of its passing. I had a yarn shop that I sold last year, and Julia was one of the very special yarns I was excited to bring in. The palette is unmatched. Your books have taught me a lot about using color everywhere, not just in my knitting.

Now I have a huge bag upstairs waiting to become the beautiful wrap from your "Kristin Knits" book.

Can't wait to see what you do next, though. Best wishes for a great New Year!

Anonymous said...

They ARE too pretty to use as potholders. They should be Christmas tree ornaments instead!
-- Gretchen

Anonymous said...

~ hello Kristin ~

I always enjoy reading your blog, ideas, colors, dogs & sheep, the great artsy photos, I loVe it all.

Something I've wondered about for awhile, ever since your yarn was sadly discontinued, is what do you have up your magic artist's sleeve with ideas for using all the amazing ~ WONDERFUL WOOL ~ that your beautiful sheep are still producing ? Will there be a new yarn distributor ? New colors ?
IF I was a yarn company, I would loVe to be marketing your yarns !
Wouldn't it be grand if Qunice & Co., with Pam Allen would become partners with you ?
dreaming of good things for you,
Shell ~

Diane said...

So funny about the potholders- I made them for everyone this year. Yesterday, when I spoke with my mother, she told me that "the potholders are hanging up in the kitchen but not being used so that they don't get dirty"
Ah well....

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