Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cozy up Your e-reader with my Knit It Felt It Tech Cozy + a New Lamb Photo

Yesterday I started the countdown for my new Knit It Felt It Tech Cozy. Someone in the comments suggested I do a cozy for her e-reader. I'm right on it readers! Here you go.... a tech cozy for your e-reader.... Couldn't photograph a device because we don't own one but I know so many of my friends do.

Knit It Felt It Cozies for your e-readers
The Knit It Felt It Tech Cozy Pattern actually includes multi-sizes for all your techie things. I've got it all covered (and you can too) - cell phones, Kindles (all versions), B&N Nook, iPads and tablets. The pattern comes in two versions - both a simpler solid color version (shown on left) and a multi-color Fair Isle design (shown on right). You can check it out over on my website here.

If you have been wanting to make my Knit It Felt It Zip It Bag, but were afraid of inserting the zipper, this is the pattern for you. An easy button closure with a simple V-shaped flap with a button loop. I'm sure you have something in your button box that you have been wanting to use. On the photo above, I sewed a flower from my Sunflowers and Zinnia to Knit and Felt Pattern over the closure for a little decorative fun. You can check out my knitting patterns over on my website here.

Not to deprive you of farm animal photos, here is a sweet little lamb photo from the barn the other day. Lambing is still going on but let's just say they are dribbling out. One lamb one day, four lambs the next. Much better pace than of a few weeks ago.

Here's a good interview with Lauren O'Farrell, Author of Stitch London (here too!). Have you seen that book - really fun. Check it out. There are so many great knitting books coming out about now. Must do a review of some of my favorites soon.


April said...

OMG!!! That's awesome! i love it! I am so getting this pattern and making myself an ereader cozy!

April said...

Or getting my friend to...I don't know how to felt :(

Christine said...

Hello from Germany!
Thanks for showing this nice photos!

Anonymous said...

Have you read Two Women, Fifty Sheep and Enought Wool to Save the Planet by Catherine Friend? It is a wonderful book and has so many of the same situations as you find yourselves in.

Elaine said...

Such beautiful colors!! and precious baby lambie, too.
Thanks for all your inspiration.

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