Thursday, March 22, 2012

Twins Revealed

Went for a walk in the pasture looking for the new twins. Took awhile to find them which is a good thing - it means the mama is taking good care of them and keeping them away from the fray of the flock for the first few days of their lives. It's a lot to ask a yearling ewe to care for twins, considering it is her first time around, don't you think? Not that we have any control over the twinning.

While we were looking, the other day old lamb scampered up the hill beside its mama. So sweet.

Found the mama and twins tucked away down in the orchard. They were nursing. 

My pack of five dogs and I startled her and made her uneasy. We left them alone quickly, knowing they were doing fine. Very sweet little lambs that look to be Border Leicester crosses.


Christina fortier said...

What a beautiful sight. Thank you for posting pictures and sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Will you be keeping them?

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