Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Lambs in the Pasture

Thanks so much for all those movie ideas. Looks like I will be keeping the Interlibrary Loan folks busy with lots of orders! If you haven't read the comments from the last post and you like movies, you should check out all the great suggestions.

The yearlings in the pasture in front of our house are slowly popping out lambs, one every 4 days or so. It's sweet to watch them all running around - some are very quick (the older ones) and some are slow and don't play as much as the others. 

Most of our sheep are cross-breds (except the rams) but each sheep usually has dominant traits of one of their parents. This ewe is a Cheviot cross and her lamb has those distinctive upright ears.


This ewe looks like a Romney but her lamb doesn't look quite so Romney-ish.

This year, for the mature ewes, we used four different rams - a Border Leicester, a Cheviot, a Polypay (new this year - he came from Wisconsin), and a Dorset/Texel cross. It's been interesting to see how the lambs of each of the different ram's do. One day, I plan to do a post with photos of all the boys. Someday.....


Christina said...

Reading your blogs and looking at the pictures you post create in me such a desire to farm.

Annelie said...

Really like the Cheviot cross ewe, she looks funny with her upright ears. Here in the north of Sweden its a uncommon breed.
We are in the middle of our lambing, and we still have a lot of snow, usually we can let them out on the pasture outside the barn in the end of may.
Have a nice day,
Annelie Hansson

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