Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring is Here and Links

Things are extra busy here at the farm. I'm off to Newburyport to teach 2 classes on Saturday. Maybe I will see some of you there. Here are some farm photos and some links that I have found that you may find interesting.

It was a gorgeous morning here at our farm. 

Here's a yearling with her little lamb. Love how it is looking at its mama all concerned about the person with the camera and all the dogs right beside me! Can't blame the little fellow.

Nessie looks small in this expanse of grass. She is always on the job!

The orchard is starting to bloom. Doesn't look like there will be too many apples this year. Love all the pretty light pink blooms.

One of our lambs on the spit at The Kitchen Garden's Spring Greek Lamb Roast. Spaces still available. Check it out if you are local.  

Have a great day everyone!


Adaliza said...

What lovely photos of your farm. Our apple blossom is very slow, just about to burst into bloom. I love apple blossom - it's good to have a preview!

Sharripie said...

Thanks for sharing the Wendell Berry link. He's one of my favorite authors - I especially love his fiction. I don't live far from his town, and every so often I imagine driving up there and stopping in and knowing everyone there. His books make me feel that way.

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