Friday, April 13, 2012

Waiting for Rain

Kate is really growing, isn't she? She has that classic teenage look to her - lanky, giant growing nose (we're thinking she should be called Pinocchio), and her fur is becoming curly and less soft. She's also showing some awesome herding instinct!

The spring rains haven't come to western Massachusetts, like so many places in the USA. I am seriously worried about how the lack of rain is going to effect the local veggie farms, our hay crop, and our garden this summer, never mind the well which is our only source of water. It usually runs dry some days during a normal summer. Not a lot we can do about it. 


Our sheep in the front pasture have a couple natural spring fed sources of water. They are basically holes in the ground that have been dug out and fill with water and frogs' eggs. They make great watering holes for the sheep and the dogs love to lie down in the mud and cool themselves off. No wonder it is impossible to keep our house clean. 

When we moved here 12 years ago, we did a lot of renovation including buying an American Standard low water use toilet to replace an old water guzzling things. From the first day it was installed, we hated the thing. It was prettily styled (might as well have a nice looking toilet) but the darn thing never flushed properly. After 12 years of living with the non-working thing, I decided to go in search of a replacement, even though when I bought it I thought I was buying it for the duration of our time here. Our friend Mike is a plumber and he tipped me off that Toto makes a well-designed low water use toilet. So meet our new toilet...... Her name is Guinevere. She is cute, isn't she? A one piece beauty making her easier to clean.

And she flushes beautifully! What a relief that after 12 years of hating the works in that new/old one, we have a toilet that works. It's a little thing but it's making for a good day here on the farm. And now I won't have to explain the country plumbing issues to the knitting guests who come to the farm this summer and fall. Thanks Mike!


MicheleinMaine said...

A new toilet and the water to flush it with can make all the difference! I just replaced my well water pump and then had to shock chlorinate the well - 6 days without water - no fun at all!

Barbara M. in NH said...

Hi, Kristin.... when we built our retirement house in NH I had 3 requirements for a toilet: !) it needed to be "comfort height" as I have bad knees and it is hard to get up from the lower ones. 2) It needed to be easy to clean and 3)it needed to be dual flush, as we had found they worked well on our travels to Europe and Australia.

We found Toto made the only one that fit our needs. I asked the woman at the shop why there were so few dual flush, and she said: "Americans don't want those." "No," I told her, "Americans don't know about those!" You can't believe how many people who visit us come out of the bathroom looking sheepish and asking for instruction! But it makes so much sense.... one flusher for a liquid flush, and another when you have a solid to be flushed. Wish we could get the word out!

Anyway, 2 years on. the Toto is working beautifully!

Auntie Shan said...

So... No new Blogs called "Getting FLUSHED On The Farm"..? ;-D

Adaliza said...

At least it's only Kate's nose that's growing. Belle's ears haven't stopped yet, I don't think and she's known universally as 'The Bat'!

Dianne@sheepdreams said...

Ah, only those of us who live in the country can truly know how much it means to have working "facilities", whether it be toilets or telephones! We can't ever just assume that things are going to work as promised. Sometimes it's really frustrating, but I suppose living this life is (usually) worth it.

ownedbyacat said...

Hi Kristin, I feel you frustration with the A S product. I also did a renovation about 6 years ago, using two Koehler low flush product, ugh same planning to replace it as well. Actually, I was thinking to repurpose it, eh, put it in the back yard, plant ivy and call it "the best seat in the yard, not".

Toto is the way to eh, "go" and what ever it takes to get the "job" done, sorry no puns intended, well Ok maybe. LOL

Rav girl

Amy said...

I've just stumbled across your blog, and was instantly overexcited by the combination of two of my favourite, favourite tthings, knitting and the countryside, when scrolling through I realised that you're the lady who designed the Regia sock yarn I'm currently knitting socks with! (can I say how much I love it?!) have a great day! Ax

ellen said...

I love that your toilet has a name! I thought that I was the only one who named cars, appliances etc.
Regarding movies (a bit late here) I have loved watching Victorian Farm on You Tube. I believe each session is about an hour long. It's wonderful!

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