Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Waiting and Today's Studio Assistant

I wrote this post 5 days ago, shortly before our Verizon Air Card pooped out. Seems like so much has gone on here since then. I'll catch up with you all tomorrow after I try to catch up on the stuff I couldn't do without internet access. 

June 7, 2012
Coming down to the wire on the next deadline for my upcoming big project. Thank goodness it has been rainy all week so I haven't felt the call of the garden. It is all plowed and tilled and ready to go, once I have time to go buy some plants. Today, the clouds are alternating with sun and rain. Strange day but the upcoming weekend is supposed to be nice.


I've had a rotating array of studio assistants "helping out" or not. Here's Tommie taking a little nap after his big night out hunting. Let's just say that the chipmunk population here at the farm is going down rapidly. 


Elaine said...

What is that adorable little cottage? Tommie must have wonderful dreams!!

Adaliza said...

Can't wait to see your completed project. Tommie's looking very comfy and satisfied with his night's exploits!

Field fence and Farm Fence said...

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