Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday Monday

Glad to have a Monday holiday. The rat race will be in high gear tomorrow when everyone realizes all they haven't done during the lazy days of summer. 

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying your day off if you are lucky enough to have one. Great day to get pressing chores done before winter sets in. What about you?


Adaliza said...

That's a stunning photo - love your chairs and the sunshine through the leaves. Start of term for me today but absolutely great to see my students again. I've been chatting to them all day - what a great job!

Anonymous said...

~ Indeed !! a very striking photo, full of Summer energy & beautiful light & color and the pattern with those chairs & Cat on a Walk, just splendid !! I like the clothespins pattern too.
I would loVe a chair series of photos in all seasons, in postcards please.
Very nice.
I adore the little kitties found in the sump-pump. Wish I could have one so my tabby girl could be an Auntie-Kitty.
The house photos are perfection !!
Shell ~

Chantelle said...

What about me? You're right about Summer....I'm in full gear now catching up with all of the knitting and chores I didn't get done this Summer:) Love the pic.

Joyce said...

Wow I love this picture. It just reminds me so much of my grandma's house on a warm summer afternoon. She taught me to crochet and I remmeber sitting on the sunny porch and trying to crochet a chain that would be as tall as my grandpa before he got home from work. (I made it and she coiled up the chain and made a rug for my doll house with it!)

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