Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bits and Pieces aka Pique Assiette - Part Two - Finally

I've always had a thing for old chunky thick cobalt blue mixing bowls. I know nothing about them, except that I like them and if I see them and they aren't too expensive, I buy them. They are getting harder and harder to find it seems. I love mixing up cakes and scones in them, imagining another mysterious woman many years ago who used the same bowls to make baked goods for her family too. Sadly, sometimes they break. I haven't been able to part with the beautiful cobalt blue color pottery. Down to the basement they went. Not sure why but that is where they went. This summer, all the broken pots resurfaced here.

My second pique assiette pot used two big mixing bowls broken with a hammer and then further nipped with tile nippers.

The bowls covered a fair bit of surface area but I didn't have enough shards for the entire pot. I broke up some of my favorite already broken Donna McGee and Damariscotta Pottery vases and bowls that had been languishing in the basement too and added them in. Lastly I finished with the  rim of the terra cotta pot with the rims of the mixing bowls. I learned tons on my first garden pot and my second went much smoother and turned out better. The photo below is waiting for the grout. It sat there for several weeks as summer zipped by. Finally when Julia got back to school I was able to grout it.

Here are my two pique assiette pots planted with fall mums. Can't wait to plant them next summer with geraniums. I will probably bring them inside to store them because I'm not sure how they will do with all the snow and freezing and thawing that will be happening soon!

Here's more of my next batch of broken pots waiting for next summer. I'm pretty sure there will be more pottery added to the pile as the winter passes.

I've put the supplies away until next summer. It is a messy job and one I don't have much space for indoors.

My sister called me yesterday all excited to tell me that our house was on the front page of's website ( is the on-line site for The Boston Globe.) How very cool. I quickly took a screen capture for posterity sake since I know how fast these things disappear. It was fun while it lasted. Here is the permanent link (although we all know nothing on the web is permanent). 

Boy, has this week gone fast. Lots going on and it is so hard to fit it all in. It's been a rainy week here but today the sun is out. Have to get outside and enjoy the color. Hope you are too.


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Those look great! I also hoard my broken mixing bowl pottery. One year I mosaic-ed the edge of our front walk with them, but over the years it had to be broken up. This is inspiring you always do.

adaliza said...

I'm looking forward to next summer's mosaics already! Mary Rose Young pottery is far too precious to throw away, even when in pieces. I love mine and keep it on a high shelf which I hope doesn't come crashing down!

claudia horner said...

Over the years I have unearthed piles of broken china and pottery pieces, marbles, an old watch, a bit of a marble headstone, etc. in our gardens and barns (I live in an old farmhouse in central Pennsylvania). The plan is to make something creative, and now you've inspired me further! Thanks so much. I love your glorious sense of color applied to re-making and re-purposing. Those who don't care for that much color are just not very polite about it! I wouldn't say I didn't care for someone else's lack of color. Color makes me smile and feel happy, and by george, we all need more of that. Thanks!

Jill@MakandJill said...

You are such an amazing talent! I've done mosaics for years - that is how I discovered Kaffe Fassett. His book on mosaics is my favorite! Your pots are very sweet, and you did an amazing job on your first try. I look forward to seeing more in the future!

hawknitr13 said...

your pots look great! i have some broken pieces from baking dishes that i want to do that with!
congrats on the house pics on the web!! love your posts!
^)^ linda

Anonymous said...

you always make my day a little brighter and bring so many so much joy from your blog. Thank you

Mary said...

What a great idea, and yours look wonderful!

I wanted to let you know I received the wonderful K.Fassett book, it is beautiful and I will spend hours I think drooling over all that amazing color and creativity

Thanks again!

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