Thursday, October 04, 2012

Gray Skies

The end of the growing season is getting near. I still have 3 rows of sunflowers I am hoping will bloom. It has been a gray week here although the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow. The sheep are wet and soggy and look be-draggled. They are grazing pastures where the burdocks have bloomed and now set seed in their nasty little seed pods. 


The sheep are covered with polka dots. Not much you can do about it but look the other way. The burdock seeds are being spread for next year. Some people call them hitchhikers. I think that is the cutest name, don't you?

The last of our kittens is leaving this week. Little Brie is going to live with our neighbor David on his farm. She should help with the rodents as this week she has been tearing apart the moles and mice her mama has brought in for her. I know many of you think this is gross but it is part of a kitten's lessons from their mama. Important stuff if you are a kitten and a mama cat trying to raise a kitten to do what they are supposed to. 

I'll leave you today with a bouquet that is gracing the top of a desk here at the farm. Hydrangeas, amaranth, sunflowers - all the most beautiful blooms during the early autumn. Have a great day everyone.


Missouri Gal said...

One of my sunflowers is just starting, the other is already bloomed and laying over. I'm wanting to hang on to them for the birds this winter. I think those things, stuck on your sheep, are what we call cockleburs here. And I heard people call them brambles too. Have a great day!

Auntea said...

I am now longing for open fields, filled with sheepies of course, kittens and flowers. I shall have to soothe myself with flowers:) Love the pics of the sheep. Do the hitch hikers bother them?

ellen said...

Oh, those darned things are a pest..the hitchhikers, not the sheep or darling kittens.
My youngest son has always called them "best friends".

Anonymous said...

Those kittens are beyond adorable. Please offer kitten photos and cards for sale!
-- stashdragon

Elaine said...

The flower arrangement is so pretty! How do you get those hitchhikers off the sheep or do they just automatically fall out at some point?

bookagent said...

Wow seeing the sheep full of hitchhikers is amazing. Will they fall off by themselves? Love the bouquet, I've just now decided to give amaranths a try next year! As always thanks for the lovely pics.

Pam H

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