Friday, August 02, 2013

Anatomy of a Sock Pictorial

I've been sorting through things and found a huge pile of old projects that were not finished including a beautiful Fair Isle and embroidered duplicate stitch sock. I designed and knit this sock for a project I worked on for the Museum of Fine Art's catalog in Boston many years ago. 

The yarn is long gone and there was not a chance I would knit a match. I cut it up. First just below the ankle pattern to make 2 pieces.

I cut the toe off and cut along the gusset so there are now 4 pieces.

I cut through the ankle section to flatten it. 


With my sewing machine set on zigzag I sewed around the two square pieces. They are now usable for something. 


RubyC said...

And we are waiting with patience as to what these pieces will become next in your world. Love your blog.

Savannagal said...

It was a gorgeous sock. I think I'd have worn it with another in an unmatched pair. I'm kind of wacky that way.

Anonymous said...

*Gasp* was my initial reaction, but I cut up unwearable socks, so I calmed down quickly.

That toe would make an excellent cat or dog toy with catnip or a squeaker inside. Both species love wool!

ellen said...

The colors are just gorgeous. I am just now learning how to use double pointed needles. They have a life of their own!!!

Frances said...

Kristin, those colors are lovely...very stained glass window meet Peru. Does that make sense to you?

Will you felt any of the components? I do want to know what will happen to that rosy toe.


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