Friday, September 13, 2013

Sunflowers Finally and The Artful Parent + Book Giveaway

Has anyone been waiting for the sunflowers to appear here on the blog? Have yours begun or maybe they are finished? I've been patiently waiting for my late planted, short season varieties to bloom with my fingers crossed that I have an excellent crop for the photoshoot for my new book in a couple weeks. Here's some of the first blossoms. Oh, they are gorgeous, aren't they?


One of the really nice things about getting a book deal with a new publisher is that I get to see their current catalog and discover new books to read and share with you all. My new book is being published by Roost Books. I was not familiar with Roost before last November but now know that they are the publishers of the very successful "Soulemama" books written by blogger Amanda Blake Soule. They have a very interesting collection of titles including the one I'm going to share with you all today. Check out all their titles here

September - the month of back to school, back to schedules - seems the perfect month to introduce all of you to Roost's new book.

The Artful Parent: Simple Ways to Fill Your Family's Life with Art and Creativity is written by blogger and prolific writer Jean Van't Hul. I wish this book was available when Julia was a wee little one. You all might think I was all over the craft supplies with Julia when she was little but you would be wrong! When Julia was small with all her struggles, I was never quite sure what I should expect of her. This book would have given me the confidence to try all kinds of messy, artful projects. 

The Artful Parent is full of words of advice including how to set up an art table or corner for a child. 

It shows how to make a welcoming and creative home and how to decorate with children's art.

The best thing about this book is that it gives you lots of instructions to follow - it isn't a coffee table book only full of fluff. It is full of great substance including a list of great supplies to have on hand.  I love all the easy to do art projects that are outlined in a step by step manner. 

How fun does this project look - painting with bubbles. What little kid (or adult) wouldn't get into that.

Check out Jean's awesome blog here. Her blog is a gold-mine of art activities to do with children. I highly suggest The Artful Parent as a perfect shower gift for a mother to be. Seriously, expectant mamas get plenty of onesies but this book will really help a new mom (or grandmom) as a child learns to create when they are past the baby stage. Maybe throw in some art supplies recommended in the book or an art smock.

The good news for all of you is Roost Books is giving a copy of The Artful Parent for one lucky reader. Here's what you do to enter.....

Answer the following question in the Comments Section. US Addresses only please. Contest ends Tuesday September 17 at midnight.  As always - please leave an easy way to get a hold of you - email, blog or Rav id.

What is/was your favorite art activity as a child or a parent?

Contest is over! The winner is Amy W who wrote:
"My favorite art activity as a child and a parents is just about ANYthing crafty and the more stuff that ends up in my hair, the more i'm into it. the craftiest thing i do with my daughter is probably with food - she doesn't hang out with me much in my studio even tho i'd love it if she did."


RubyC said...

Kristin, as a Nana to a autistic grandson, art is a special area for him. I think this would be an excellent gift for Liam. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. And as always, your sunflowers are so beautiful.


amy w. said...

my favorite art activity as a child and a parents is just about ANYthing crafty and the more stuff that ends up in my hair, the more i'm into it. the craftiest thing i do with my daughter is probably with food - she doesn't hang out with me much in my studio even tho i'd love it if she did.

and i'm jealous of your gorgeous sunflowers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the wonderful article in Country Decorating!!! Your home is a jewel box. I just love it.
You are more than a "Jane of all trades." You are the "Queen!"
Janie Horn

Anonymous said...

Painting in the snow with food coloring is the most memorable

Rav Id berrygal

Lisa Waterman said...

I have very fond memories of Spirograph!


Willow said...

Although my family wasn't particularly 'artistic', my grandmother knitted and taught me to knit when I was 7-- it has been my life long craft and art. Also, once I learned to sew, I began immediately to make my own clothes. I guess my art center(ed)s around fiber.


Esther said...

I can't remember when art wasn't a part of my life. My parents were artistically creative and encouraged me to explore and find what I loved. My enduring faves are knitting & crochet, sewing and embroidery. I taught my sons to knit and always had tons of art supplies at the ready for them to explore. This book sounds like a fantastic resource of ideas and inspiration. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself on your blog. I just love learning about life on the farm. All the best.
ravid: emrubin

amyroz said...

Watercolor painting. Love the book! Or amyroz on rav

Casey said...

Painting with my girls! We would paint everything, shirts, dolls (then stitch them up),each other (with body paint), even cookies with a recipe from Betty.
ashefamily at yahoo dot com

Kim in Chicago said...

As a little kid, I enjoyed painting with water and a 3" brush on the concrete patio on a warm day. The rush to finish something before it evaporated was fun.

elevatedknitter on Ravelry

Patty said...

Sculpting with Play-Doh was alway fun!
Ppozolo at gmail dot com

jaschipf said...

Play dough - we had this press that made tubes and squares and..oh it was fun. And finger painting! I miss those times and can't wait to do projects with my grand children.

jaschipf said...

Sorry - here is my revelry id: Ettenna

Michele in Maine said...

This would have been a handy book to have when my 15 year old was younger!

Love your sunflowers! Mine are just opening this week too! I planted around the same time you did (you were the inspiration!). Some deer jumped my garden fence and ate a bunch, but I still have a respectable showing!

Anonymous said...

My brother and I learned to make stained glass windows and items with my dad when we were kids. My brother made a beautiful glass and wood lamp - still at dad's house.

I would love to win this book for a wonderful friend of mine who is expecting her first child. She and her husband would love this book! Thanks for such a great give away!

PS your sunflowers look beautiful :)

email monicajoybarnett at gmail dot com

adodds said...

One of my favorite activity with my kids was the making of giant soap bubbles. We had special large wands that were so much fun to use. Growing up I was surrounded by handwork. My mom taught us to knit at an early age and we imported cross stitch kits from Europe long before anyone was doing cross stitch in the US.

Corina Sahlin said...

We love to go to one of the many creeks and rivers and make art with rocks, sticks, leaves, moss, and anything else that fits. We leave our monuments right there in nature.

Irene said...

I dabbled in some arts & crafts and many of the activities already mentioned but I have good memories of my box of Crayola crayons. I loved coloring every day.

Joanne said...

I was creating-with needle and thread, knitting, crochet, etc. whenever I could as a kid! I would love to learn tips for helping my twins down this path!

NanaJen said...

My kids and I always enjoyed tie-dye projects, and ANY sort of painting project when they were young. Now I have the opportunity to relive those fun crafts with my granddaughters :)
Many thanks for the giveaway. jaydawnrn on Ravelry

Jane said...

My 7 year old granddaughter and I love making fairy houses. We have made them using shoe boxes and also outside with items from nature. I have 22 month old twin grandsons. I am always looking for fun projects to do with them. Thank you for this opportunity.

tjf said...

I think I have always loved making anything but when I was a child, my favorite on-going project was making doll houses. I had two little owls and I made an 'owl' house for them using a large round hat box. I also had a set of small dolls and I made separate rooms for them - bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, etc. out of boxes and using any items I could find - empty containers, small boxes, fabric scraps, egg cartons, sponges, beads, even toothpaste caps. The book looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

As a child, i loved to paint.
As a parent, I love to watch my sons paint and draw.
Mary Kate Witry

Linda said...

I especially love learning to embroider, watching my Norwegian grandmother, she was so talented. I kept embroidering for years and finally felt accomplished enough to embroider my own Norwegian Bunad
(a folk dress from Norway). Every town or region in Norway has their own design. I am so pleased how it turned out.
Linda M.

Linda said...

email for Linda M. Linda Midtlyng

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