Monday, November 04, 2013

Day One - Five Days of Kristin's Colorful Christmas Stockings - New PDF Pattern

Happy Monday everyone. This week, each day, I am previewing one design from my new Christmas Stocking Collection. Hope you all don't mind that I am jumping the season but I know that many of you like to make stockings for friends and family. 

I've been working on this project forever. Can't believe it is almost done. I know it doesn't seem like much work, but it is. First I have to envision the stockings, then knit them, then photograph them (that always takes me awhile because I am no pro), write the instructions, drop them into my desktop publishing program, read, proof, ask a friend to help read and proof, upload the photos to my blog and website, and then hope someone buys them. Now that I have written this, I'm surprised I've gotten it all almost done!

For all of you interested in purchasing the Kristin's Colorful Christmas Stocking Collection, the pattern will be available on Friday, November 8th - just in time for your weekend knitting.

Here's Stocking No. 1 - Pom Poms and Stripes! Knit in my Color By Kristin. This is the easiest stocking in the bunch.

Stop back tomorrow to see the second stocking.


Anonymous said...

~ loVely ~ fun pom-poms ~
And, I loVe the yellow stairs !
Shell ~

Auntie Shan said...

THANKS! Those Colours have just given me "inspiration" for a future Hat!

BTW, the SALE went well. And Weather cooperated! Was a tad slow at first, but then I started getting swamped by buying-frenzies! [*not* complaining!] But the highlight of the day was this Little BOY who was absolutely obsessed with one of my Toques... It was quite entertaining watching him "convince" his Grandparents into getting IT for him!

Well, must get back to RE-stocking for the Next Show in 2 weeks and get started on a couple of Custom Pieces that need to be finished by then! where did those ELVES go?!!

Karen said...

Isn't this just darling! I love the non-traditional colors.

tjf said...

Yay! More Christmas stocking patterns! I can't wait to see the rest and please know that I will be buying the patterns on Friday. :) Also, thought you should know I will be making lots of flower pencil toppers for Christmas gifts - all those teachers and secretaries and people that need to know they are appreciated. Any thoughts for something for the men though?

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