Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Day Three - Five Days of Kristin's Colorful Christmas Stockings - a New PDF Pattern

It's the middle of the work week. Are you looking forward to Saturday? I am - we'll be at the Amherst Farmer's Market - hopefully it will be a nice day and I will see some of you there. I'll be sampling some kind of lamb recipe. Stop by and say hi. 

Have you checked out the Annual Wovember site? All things wool, sheep, and wool related. Lots of very good posts happening the month of November. 

Were you captivated by the Norwegian Slow-TV Knitting Program which was streamed last Friday evening? I was able to catch some bits on my phone. I think it is available for streaming now. Here is the link although I can't seem to get it to work. If you know the proper link for watching after the fact, could you leave it in the Comments Section for everyone? You are never going to believe this one..... via "The Hollywood Reporter"..... a production company in the US has licensed the Slow TV idea. Read all about it here. Do you think Slow Knitting would fly here in the States? 

So, just what you have all been waiting for..... The third stocking in the new Christmas Stocking Collection...... This one is called Skinny Stripes. I love this stocking. It reminds me of the Whos from Whoville. It's easy to knit too.

As with all the other stockings in the new collection - you'll only need one color in a round. That's the beauty of the designs - you'll end up with a very colorful Christmas Stocking but there is no need for stranding and following charts. 

Stop back on Friday when the pattern will be ready to purchase. Have a great day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Garter-stitch leg - what a good idea. That should stretch to hold lots of stocking-stuffers!
-- stashdragon

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