Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mid-November Ramblings

I'm enjoying the posts over on the Wovember Blog. The recent one about the Diamond Fibres Mill in Kent, England brought me back to the days when I actually worked in a spinning mill. We used to buy mohair and wool top and spin it into yarn. I was very lucky to travel to the different carders, sorters, and various stages of wool production on different trips. Reading and looking at the photos of this little mill brought back the smells of the wool production. Really nice job guys.

November is in full gear - so much gray and cold. There have been some nice sunsets although I haven't caught them on film. I did take a few instagram photos last night. You can sign up to follow me on Instagram - I am @kristinnicholas

We took Kate out to help move sheep yesterday afternoon. She is still running around like a crazed pup but seems to have power. The Farmer thinks she may have more power than Ness ever did. The sheep move for her - but usually not in the direction we need them to. Nessie is nine now and really slowing down. Hopefully by next year, Kate's teenageness will have settled down some and she'll be able to move the sheep where we need them. Time will tell.
Kate with ewes
Thanks so much for all the orders for the Colorful Christmas Stockings everyone. If you missed last week's release date, you can still buy. I've put links up on the right sidebar. You can also purchase via Ravelry where they are posted too. 

Anyone want to join the new Ravelry group? I'm getting ready to put up some progress on a new stocking I am working on. It will be fun to see all the gift knitting that is going on.

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Ana said...

These instagram photos look like vintage paintings. Beautiful!

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