Monday, November 25, 2013

November Colors + Country Opinions

November really can be the dreariest of months. It is before I am into the rhythm of doing the stuff that works great inside - cooking, sewing, baking, reading, crafting. And into the rhythm of loading up one to two cart loads of wood everyday to fill the furnace to keep us all warm and comfortable. That job never ends. 

November just makes it clear that the sun and flowers, growing season and bright light is over and let's get ready for the few months to come. If you are a knitter, stitcher, reader, sewer, crafter, you can embrace the dark. If you are a farmer (or live with one), you can just see the energy change to hibernation, slowing down, general unhappiness with the situation. 

Here are a few IPhoto photos I took on a few walks a couple days ago. The fog, the light, everything was so November. Beautiful - and even more with some photo filters from Instagram.

It is hunting season here which means that there are unfamiliar cars and trucks and dogs around. I'm used to it and know it won't last for long. Most of the guys are incredibly nice and just hunt to be outdoors with their dogs and the air. I've had a bunch of nice conversations with them when Kate and I take our walks. 

The hunting life seems to be something that is dying away around here. When I first moved here, I wasn't so sure about hunters. As time has gone by, I've totally warmed up to the idea because most of the hunters take it as real sport. It is incredibly difficult to shoot something and "win." 

Most of the hunters just enjoy walking in the woods. My Farmer's family has never been big hunters but they have always allowed hunters to use their land as we do. I'm fine with that and once in a while, we get a venison dinner which is a bit of a treat. 

If you are living in a city, or maybe a suburb, you may not be able to understand how any of this is okay with me. Trust me, the way of life is different here. Lots of people are rather in touch with living off the land and nature while caring for it at the same time. 

Here's Kate, waiting for me to catch up. She moves like the wind! Have a great week everyone.


Anonymous said...

Totally get it. I didn't "get" hunting until I moved to Pennsylvania and fell in love with a man whose family only had meat in the winter if they got a deer. Puts an entirely different perspective on everything. I still don't hunt, but I respect it much more now.

Anonymous said...

love your blog, and your pictures are amazing


Marlaine said...

Wonderful post and glorious pictures - thank you!

Tamson Ely said...

Your photographs are stunning..something about the light, branches, grasses and berries all combined make November look lovely!
Thanks so much for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

As a Mainer, I totally relate. Still struggling with the Dark thing--you know, 4:30! Just changed my Netflix plan to combat it (more DVDs), plus turned on my Happy Light (you'll know what I mean:) I think). Have a lovely Thanksgiving...

shabby girl said...

Beautiful photos, Kristin! November is tough for me, but I do love the thought of hibernation to bring forth new life. Cute Kate!!!

technikat said...

Beautiful pictures! A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Adaliza said...

Lovely photos, Kristin. Kate is all grown up. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I love November - the colours, the calm, the mists, the birds, berries - its my favourite month.