Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Holiday Aftermath

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. We had a fun and busy day with twenty family members and a few friends. Such a treat for me to have everyone but one sister and her family make it to our farm. 

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon together. 

Took a hayride on the wagon attached to the back of the tractor ....


and of course ate turkey.... Thank you David for doing an awesome carving job, once again. I cooked three of them this year so there was plenty for leftovers and to send away. David stood there carving forever!


Even the dogs had enough!

The day after we all went to my sister Nancy's house to re-convene and have our annual craft day. Nancy supplied us with the makings of beeswax candles that were super easy to make. She saw an article in the lastest Martha Stewart Living and ordered from the featured company although I do not know the name - sorry. The cousins who are usually all over the crafting instead decided they wanted to KNIT instead of make other things. 


I was happy they were doing that although the adults all missed them sitting at the table and yacking away. The four nieces are quite the knitters although I still can't get Julia interested. There was one sweater going, one hat, and two headbands. I think they kept knitting all weekend long.

You can see Olivia's sweater above that she is working on from Color By Kristin from the book of the same name. The sweater is called Norwegian Dreams and you can read about it here on Ravelry. The yarn was a Christmas gift last year and this is Olivia's FIRST SWEATER! Olivia is using Lamb's Ears 3249 for the background and Deep Blue Sea 3248 for the main motif. For her lower border, she is using Magenta 3232 and Spring Green 3215. It is going to be gorgeous. She is bound and determined to finish it this year. It's a lot of knitting for a busy college student.

Thanksgiving is over once again and now the mad rush begins. Much more to my liking to eat and chat than shop and stress out. Check out Monica's take on keeping calm for December. 

The house is so quiet now! I hope you and yours had a great holiday and are still stretching the turkey leftovers out. Tonight it is turkey pot pie for the second time. I use a puff pastry sheet for the topping because I am very lazy about making pie dough.


Auntie Shan said...

Happy Belated T-Day! :-D
Hope your weather held up..? - That's still a lot of people to "entertain", even if They are FAMILY!

And, at Julia's age I wasn't into knitting either [took 40 years to get it!] - preferred crochet and needlepoint, beadwork... She'll find her niche. - Olivia is doing a great job!

Cherie M in EP CO said...

The dining room looks wonderful. How fun for your family to dine there.

Karen said...

Such a lovely post, Kristin. Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving.

MicheleinMaine said...

Biscuit crust works for turkey pie too! More forgiving and faster than regular pie dough. And my sister used leftover mashed potatoes for her pie (a la Shepherd's Pie).

Your house looks so warm and wonderful! Glad you had a nice holiday ;)

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