Friday, December 06, 2013

Kids Embroidery - An Awesome Christmas Gift

When I was about 10 years old, my mom and grandmom taught my sisters and I to embroider. We spent hours creating colorful designs on our jeans and pocketbooks. My mother purchased some great crewel kits and we all stitched one for her kitchen wall. Embroidery was my first stitching love and I still do it and love it to death. I love the creativity it offers and the number of stitches there are to try.

It has been over a decade since I wrote a book called Kids Embroidery. It was published by STC in 2004 but sadly it is now out of print (and selling for a high price, I must say on Amazon). I snatched up a few and have packaged Kids Embroidery with some embroidery floss and a needle as a special gift for you to give to a friend you might want to inspire to stitch

The cost is $19.95 plus shipping.

Here are some highlights from this book - one of my very favorites.
Over 50 how-to illustrations Instructions for needlepoint, cross stitch and 17 free from embroidery stitches
22 templates for transferring to fabric
5 needlepoint projects
1 cross stitch project
17 free form embroidery projects
instructions for printing on fabric
inspirational illustrations and info on traditional samplers and embroidery around the world
how-to host an embroidery party
lush photographs including girls and boys stitching

If you order before Christmas, I will throw in an embroidery needle and a couple skeins of embroidery floss for your little friend to start stitching with. I'll even sign the book to your friend if you like. 

Here's the link to my website to order. If you want the book signed to someone in particular, please add a note to the order form. NOTE: I do not ship books to Canada or Overseas. Sorry. Postage is more than the book.

Stitch on! Here are some highlight photos from this great book. 

Cross stitch on gingham

An example of the how-to illustrations

Holiday ornaments in free form embroidery on felt

My niece Lillian and cat and dog toys

Autograph pillow

Easy Felt Needlebook Project

Needlepoint on plastic canvas


Anonymous said...

uh, oh - the link for the kit doesn't seem to be working.
I'd like to order this book.
connknits on ravelry
Thanks Kristin

Anonymous said...

I was able to go to your shop and order it from there.
Thanks so much!! Can't wait for my daughter to start stitching for Christmas.
connknits @ ravelry

Kate G said...

You brought back a lovely memory, Kristin. When I was 7 my best friend's neighborhood had us over for tea and embroidery lessons every Friday after school.

Countless squirrels and lambs were back-stitched and french-knotted. Hankies were monogrammed for parents and teachers. It was skill that never left. I will never forget the generosity of that woman.

I have your book and it is (as always) colorful andl fun.

tracy_a said...

I bought this book for myself, but now my daughter is about the right age for it! Thanks for the reminder - something fun to work on over winter break.

Janelle Wertzberger said...

What a lovely, generous offer, Kristin. I just ordered a kit for my niece who is the perfect age to pick up the needle. I know she will love your book!

Kathy said...

I bought this book for my daughter years ago and then claimed it for my own. Whenever I pick up embroidery to start a new project or to play around, I go to this book. I really believe that we start simple (kids embroidery books for embroidery and coloring books for simple shape to embroider as well!) So glad to know that I have an "investment" now! Thanks a million -

Lindy said...

I just saw this and have an idea. I've been looking and thinking about something I can teach kids in the summer when they really aren't too interested in knitting. This might be the perfect thing :D

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