Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mr X Stitch + More + Giveaway

I'll start out with a close-up detail of two of the stitches we'll be learning in the Crewel Embroidery Class project that I'll be teaching this summer at the farm. Check out the class schedule here

 Do you know Mr X Stitch? If you don't, you should. It is a great site originating in the UK all about stitching. They feature both modern and historical stitching, book reviews, art, textiles - all kinds of things. It is run by Jamie Chalmers, one of the world's most well-known male embroiderers and a fantastic curator of all things embroidery and more - quilting, beading, lace, felting, and more. 

Today, there is an interview with me on Mr X Stitch and a chance to win my Crewel Embroidery class on - Stitch It With Wool. Hop on over here to enter. YOU MUST ENTER ON THE MR X STITCH BLOG - NOT HERE.

Two of the panels from the Great Tapestry of Scotland
I've been meaning to share a fabulous project that has been happening in Scotland and around the world. It's called The Great Tapestry of Scotland. You must check it out here. Stitchers all over the world embroidered pieces of linen depicting the history and culture of Scotland. It is now on view in Paisley, Scotland until June 8th. It then moves on to Edinburgh from July to September. It is made of over 100 handstitched crewel embroidery panels that are pieced together and measures 143 meters long (twice the length of the Bayeux Tapestry). I've been watching some of the progress over on the Feeling Stitchy blog and then read this report about it via Mr X Stitch. Really something else and if I were going to be in the UK this summer or fall, I would make a special trip to see it. Mr X Stitch reports on it here

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. The week (and month of May) sure did go fast with the Memorial Day holiday. Whoosh. Here's a photo of the lambs grazing the field in front of our farmhouse. They look so clean and the pasture is so green - especially after looking at all that brown all winter long.

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