Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fabric Print Class Photos

I taught my first fabric printing class last Saturday. It was a beautiful late summer day - not at all hot - just gorgeous. We spent the day in my studio making art and printing fabric. What a fabulous way to spend a day.

I am not known for fabric printing - my following is knitters mostly. It is difficult to develop a new following. How do I get the word out there? It is a problem that I will have to work on and try to figure out. 

I had one student named Louise for the day and the day was a good one. I have had Louise in a knitting class and so I knew that we would have fun. She is incredibly creative and colorful and a very talented knitter and embroiderer. I could have cancelled the class for lack of interest but instead I chose to see how the class went so that if I did run it again, it would be better. The first time with any class is difficult.

The photos below show some of the progress Louise made. I learned how I should adapt the class for more students and how to time everything better. It was a day full of learning for me and Louise! 

Thank you Louise for coming to the farm. I can't wait to see the finished tablecloth you began. I will look forward to teaching others this technique.


Licia Jackson said...

It looks like a fun class and I would definitely have wanted to come if I didn't live so far away!

Anonymous said...

I did think of trying to get to this class. Perhaps in the future the date would work for me. It does look fun. I'm glad you felt it was worth giving the class.


Kristy said...

I agree with Licia. I'd be at your farm all the time (and you'd hate me) if I lived closer. I'm in NC and my budget goes to yarn and now dyeing supplies as I'm dabbling in dyeing my own yarns. I'm very much interested in your fabric printing. My mother, too. I'm the blog follower in the family and I pass along what I find to her. She'll be excited to see the pictures from your class. Don't stop!

jennifer.auroradesign said...

I would like to come if you offer this class again. The timing didn't work for me as I had a kid to get to camp. Love the idea and the color and I would love to get an up close and personal view of your far. (I'm about an hour away.)

Jules Means said...

This looks so cool!!! Please do it again. I'm far away, but would try to come- Jules in Beverly

tjf said...

The class looks really fun. I would have taken it but I live far away - in Colorado. Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)


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