Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Kate on the Hill

Here are some photos from a rainy afternoon. We took Kate to the top of the hill to practice a little more with the ewe flock. It has been pretty impossible to train her when Ness (our older Border Collie) is out with the sheep. Ness is just too dominant and really plays mind games with Kate. So alone is better.

Kate is starting to realize her skills. She is the smallest Border Collie we have had thus far and is incredibly agile. She would make a great frisbee dog as she often entertains me with crazy round and round and rounds on the way to feed the chickens. It is such fun to watch her improve and watch the sheep realize they have another dog to listen to. 

It was rainy and the colors look very gray but the grass looks green. The sheep will continue to graze until mid-November. They are covered with burrs because the areas they are grazing are infested with burdock. That's what the polkadot look is. They will fall out by shearing next summer.


Lindsay said...

Kristin- I know farming is a hard life, but you are so lucky to have such beauty all around you.

I appreciate all your posts from my windowless office. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Someone sent me a link to Robert Redford's Sundance catalog and I thought of you. There are a lot of embroidered pieces in there - mitts, headbands, belts. You should take a look.

Say It In Color said...

A different world than my Texas small neighborhood, but oh so beautiful!! We used to live in the country so I love, love your photos of your area and interesting and rich life. Not a boring one, I can tell...Blessings to you and your family!!!

christine m. said...

Your photos remind me of the lovely picture book FIRST SNOW by Kim Lewis (http://www.kimlewisbooks.co.uk/) Do you know it?

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

That Kate's a cutie! Dont you hate to see the leaves go?

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