Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mad for Plaid - Vogue Knitting Winter 2014/15 Shawl Design

Thanks everyone for all the book love! I have such fantastic readers. It is amazing to see orders come in from names I remember from past orders. Truly - you all are the best. I'm still hoping for more.

Here is a bit of color for you all today on this winter day. I designed this easy to knit plaid shawl for the folks at Vogue Knitting. It is in their new Winter 2014/15 issue. Here's a close-up of it before I sent it out. (Obviously, I didn't realize I was going to post this on the blog, otherwise I would have tried a little harder with the styling.)

It is knit of my favorite mohair La Gran from Classic Elite Yarns. When the VK editors asked me to do a plaid, I wanted to make it relatively easy to knit with not too many bobbins - it is done in the intarsia technique because Fair Isle doesn't work for plaid designs. The slim vertical lines are worked after knitting in chain stitch. The nice thing about this project is that it is very lightweight and the finished shawl just floats in the air. The gauge is 3 1/2 sts per inch (I think? - sorry - do not have a copy of the mag handy) and the shawl could be cut down in width to make a scarf. Here are their photos on a beautiful red headed model. Love these pics. You can see a preview of the other projects here on their site.

It is being featured on their European COVER of their magazine which is called Designer Knitting. It is called this in Europe because they do not have the worldwide rights to
the "Vogue" name.

Speaking of Vogue Knitting, their big VKLive shindig is coming up in NYC in a couple weeks - January 16 to 18. I cannot go and teach because we will be knee deep in lambs but I will be there in spirit!  Have a great day everyone!


Savannagal said...

That's gorgeous! I love your color choices. I've never done intarsia. I tried once but failed miserably. Might be time to try again. Congrats on the European cover. That's really exciting.

llhymes said...

Ordered your new book today! Maybe I'll try knitting this year so that I can order your patterns! Love your colorizing! Thank you.

Frances said...

Krisitin, your plaid and cosy wrap design is so pretty. It's grand to see these colors during chilly and grey January.

Fantastic to have your design chosen for the European cover! I imagine that many folks are going to be getting their yarns and needles together very soon ... on both sides of the Atlantic


Auntie Shan said...

EUROPEAN "exposure" - SCORE!
The "COVER" - OUT-of-the-PARK!! - [and over THE-POND..]

Andrea @ Thus Knitted Life said...

Wow. What an accomplishment. Congrats.

technikat said...

What a bright and cheerful knit.

Anonymous said...

So gorgeous! Congrats!


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