Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thank You and Some Unrelated Sunday Ramblings

Thanks so much everyone for the book orders. This week I received a note on a book order from Marianne. She wrote "I hope that your book is a success and that the knitters and crafters have been able to help you, The Farmer, and Julia to maintain the farm and your lovely, colorful country home." This note really hit home with me this week as I packed orders. It actually made me cry. I reached out to you all and so many readers have ordered books. I think this is one of the most wonderful things that has come of the internet for our family. I have watched Kickstarter campaigns, and other crowd-funding campaigns and contributed to some that I truly believed in. I guess this was my own version of a Kickstarter and I am so thankful for all the orders. I know that the economy isn't great yet for most of us (will it ever be?) and that you could have just as easily ordered from somewhere else so Thank You!

I have processed all books ordered received on or before the 18th (last Sunday) and they will be going to the Post Office tomorrow. Jim, the Postmaster, has me in come during his lunchtime so that I do not hold up other customers - gotta love a small town! I have another shipment of books coming tomorrow evening (fingers crossed they get here before the storm) which will cover all orders in house with extra for any incoming orders. There is still time to order and receive the freebies that I am including. Check it out here.  

Here are some interesting things I have found this week.
• My friend and fellow author and blogger Jane Brocket, is offering Free PDF downloads of her Grand Provincial Tour Series. Jane is the author of many, many books. She had plans to go the self-publishing route with a travel series called "Brocket in My Pocket". After some problems which she outlines in this blog post, she has decided to give away the first 3 for free. They are guides of UK cities from her perspective - which is smart, literary, homey, crafty, quilty, and design based. Check them out on her blog here.

Photo Rikki Snyder
•When I designed our kitchen here at the farm, there were 2 pieces of furniture that had to be used. One of them was my grandmother's Seller's Cabinet. I painted it bright orange. It has a flour bin and I store baking supplies and other things in it. This week on the website, they featured a photo of Gram's cabinet and profile these very American hardworking pieces of furniture. Check it out here

Inside the left hand door, there is a flour bin that I still use.

Photo Rikki Snyder
Tucked on the inside of the door is a little tool for the housewife - a shopping list called "Daily Reminders." These were the days of calling the market and home delivery was an option. Very cool that this paper has survived. Does anyone else have one of these cabinets? I love mine to death and I am sure Gram would be happy it is still being used.

The rolled portion of my cabinet is broken. I have never had the patience to take it apart and fix it. Instead, I made curtains out of some antique embroidered sleeves from a man's garment and hung them on a curtain rod. 

Photo Rikki Snyder
• I listen to a lot of podcasts while I am working. Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge does a great one. She has just put a round-up of all her 100 episodes splitting them into categories. For those of you who enjoy podcasts but not be totally designed obsessed, this break down will make it easier to pick and choose which to listen to. Check it out here.

There is a blizzard warning. This afternoon they are predicting 12 to 24" of snow. UGH is all I can say. I'm bringing in wood like crazy. The Farmer is prepping the barns and making sure there is plenty of hay ready for the sheep. Julia is looking forward to time off school. Have a great Sunday everyone.


Auntie Shan said...

Keep an eye on the wind direction... If it stays from the north or northwest, you might just get "lucky" and only get "clipped" by the edge. - Keeping my bloogy-fingers *crossed*!

Say It In Color said...

MY BOOK ARRIVED!!! I have to tay, it is beautiful and reaches the desires of my I love color and at my age will be braver to use it!!! Can't wait, as we downsized and more color will be in my house....and funky little things etc. Will order from you to keep the farm going...such a beautiful place with history that sometimes seems to be getting shoved aside or lost in our ever evolving culture! Thank you for your heart in it all....I pray you are blessed by your accomplishments in a away that energizes and profits you too!! It certainly profits us....and energizes our creative hearts....keeps the candle burning...GOD BLESS!!!

Kristin Nicholas said...

Oh Sherry - Thank you for your lovely note! I am packing books like crazy and hoping I can get them to the PO tomorrow and that my next batch will arrive. Fingers crossed. Tell your friends about the book!

Unknown said...

Kristin, I loved this blog post. I am from Illinois, and we always called these cabinets Hoosier Cabinets - I thought because they were made in Indiana. (A Hoosier is someone from Indiana and the team name of the Indiana University. Just in case you don't know.) They were really common in the Midwest. When my brother moved to Massachusetts, he informed us that they sold for a LOT more back east.
Mine is white and painted with yellow insets in the doors. My Grandma got rid of the floor bin ages ago (dang her) but we still have the roll part - and the bread drawer - the bottom right drawer. I still remember the smell of fresh baked bread when you opened that drawer.

Robin said...

I received your book on Friday. It is fabulous! I've been reading it all weekend, when ever I have a spare minute. There are so many projects that I want to make.


HOA Mgr Lady said...

Ugh I was working on buying two books but I don't do paypal. Can I buy your books another way?
Thanks Ruth

Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Ruth - Yes - no problem - Send me a check - written to me - Kristin Nicholas - for $55.90. Mail to PO Box 212, Bernardston MA 01337

I am going to write a post about this b/c you are the second person who wants to pay by check!

Anonymous said...

I have one of these cabinets! Mine is white with red painted trim around the edges. It has the tambour(sticks a little), the flour dispenser and the metal pullout. Growing up, this and the top of the hot water heater (shaped like a washing machine) were the only work surfaces my mother had. I was able to purchase the house after my parents passed and I moved the cabinet to an outbuilding when I had the kitchen redone. The kitchen has less character now but lots more functionality. There was just something about that cabinet that would not let me get rid of it. I never thought of the cabinet as the perfect desk until I saw your post but my brain is racing now! Thank you.

Jennifer Edwards said...

I actually have two of was my grandmothers and the other was HER mother's!, I have always called them Hoosier cabinets, however. We use one of them as our computer station in the living room. The bread box area (whose rolled top I no longer have either, is perfect for the monitor to sit in. My other Hoosier is in the Doning room. They are some of my favorite pieces of furniture! I love how you have painted this one and it inspires me to paint mine!

Say It In Color said...

I MUST WRITE YOU NOW HOW I FEEL!!! In ALL the years that I have been a self made artist, piddling here and there, loving this and loving that, loving it all, trying this and trying that and loving it too....I buy books upon books and have a hard time giving them up....I delight in flowers and color and am planning a garden for future disabilities of an old be sure I'll have color around me here and there....was always timid about too much eclectic color I was so drawn to.....BUT KRISTEN, dear blog friend, I cannot describe how your book has made my heart leap with joy and excitement!! THIS BOOK FOR ME HIT THE CORE OF MY JOY OF COLOR....I NEVER had a book MAKE ME EMOTIONAL like this one!!! We have moved and downsized from a large old lovely house to a small old lovely house.....and your book is JUST IN TIME TO BE SURE IT WILL BE ME!!!! LOVE being older because you don't have to follow any pressures of trends!!! THIS BOOK IS ON THE NEVER TO BE REMOVED TOP OF THE LIST FOR ME!!! Except for the Bible! In fact I know many are going to want to "BORROW" it and so must get a few extras to guard losing it!!! I am so excited and will pop in on you more...I am a believer in our great GOD, hope it is okay to PRAY for you and your family as life goes have GIVEN MUCH...I pray you are BLESSED in so many ways by His touch....You have a beautiful gift and so grateful you have shared it with the world! I pray you are properous as I know your heart will be filled with Thanksgiving as we pour over the beauty you have shared....I am SERIOUS ....I almost cried as I got to end of the heart is in recognition with what I saw there!! No other book puts it so simply , so pure and so perfectly imperfect....just like each of us....there is beauty in imperfection. Thank You....I am renewed with excitement about my creativity like never before!! I AM ORDERING MORE BUT NO HURRY!!! Thank you again for all your work to give us this book of books!!!

Unknown said...

I have a Hoosier cabinet too! Mine isn't painted, it's oak and it is perfectly at home in my kitchen in our 1917 house. It too has a flour mill and a sugar mill that someone installed years prior. The counter is covered in aluminum and pulls out to become the best place to make bread and roll a piecrust - a seriously large space to mix up all kinds of yumminess. I'm envious of your shopping list, although mine came with a pencil holder in the flour mill. Did you know you can buy jars for spices that were made for these cabinets too?

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