Tuesday, February 03, 2015

From Folly Cove - Julia Farwell-Clay's New Book of Designs + Giveaway

Today I am the next stop on the Folly Cove Blog Tour - a new knitting Pattern book designed by Julia Farwell-Clay. The pattern I am featuring is Julia's Annisquam Beret which uses my Color By Kristin Yarn from my friends at Classic Elite Yarns. It is featured on the cover of this book of lovely knitting designs.

A little back story because you know I love back story! Folly Cove is the name for a group of designers (mostly women) that worked in Cape Ann, Massachusetts - on the north shore of our state. The Folly Cove designers worked under the leadership of Virginia Lee Burton, a prolific and successful children's book illustrator who lived there too. You probably know some of Virginia's books - Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Little House are two of my favorite kids books. You can read more about the Folly Cove Designers in this article (and where I found the photograph below). 

The Folly Cove Designers worked in linoleum block prints and were primarily self-taught and guided by Virginia Lee Burton. The business ran from 1939 until 1969. Their work was mostly printed on fabrics and wallpaper. I learned about Virginia Lee Burton a few years ago when I visited an exhibit of her work at The Eric Carle Museum. There is also a fantastic movie about her life. 

When Julia Farwell-Clay asked me to be part of her blog tour, I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce you all to the Folly Cove artists, Virginia Lee Burton, and Julia Farwell-Clay. The Folly Cove Collection includes 10 different projects and you can purchase books at your LYS, online as single PDF's or as an e-book. More info here. Here is the Annisquam Beret. Isn't it beautiful?

It is a simple to knit beret featuring a little bit of color work in a flower motif, some lovely scrunchy welting produced by reverse stockinette stitch ridges, and a pretty shaped top.

Here is the shaping on the top - really nice. 

The colors Julia used are 3218 Sage, 3212 Deep Forest, 3289 Julia’s Pink, and 3250 Sunflower. Of course, you can choose your own. 

You can purchase this pattern via Ravelry and receive 10% off when you use the Coupon Code FFC10. 

The blog tour continues tomorrow at Stephanie Roy's Blog And She Knits Too.  

I also have a free Annisquam Beret Pattern for one of you. To enter - just leave a note in the comments about whatever you like - what you are knitting - how much snow you got or didn't - what you are making for dinner! Also leave an easy way to get a hold of you - email, Ravelry id, or blogger id. 

Deadline for entry - Friday evening at 11:59 EST the 6th of February. 

At the end of the week, Classic Elite is giving away yarn for a project from Folly Cove. To enter, go here - http://blog.classiceliteyarns.com/


Julie D. said...

That is a gorgeous hat! Perfect to wear to the barn in 0 degree weather.

beth said...

What a lovely beret! I've been wanting to knit myself a new hat. And thank you for introducing us to the Folly Cove designers and the movie about Virginia Lee Burton. Her children's books have always been favorites. I was delighted to see there is a movie about her and just ordered a copy of it to give to a dear children book loving, illustrator, designer friend for her birthday! Perfect timing to learn about this. Thanks, Kristin.

officemom04@yahoo.com said...

Love the reverse welting and the color choices.

Nicki said...

Julia is my favorite designer in no small part due to her attention to little details and finishing. The Annisquam Beret is adorable! Other faves are the Meteori Shawl and Hetty's Garden Coat. Lovely collection. Thanks for the blog post about it.

eastskye on Rav

Casey said...

Right now I'm knitting Cassiope by Alexandra Beck in a handpainted merino.I'm in Minn. and we're about 14" short on snow, wishing for more. Dinner tonight will be Pork chops, potatoes and salad, yum!The pattern is lovely, thanks for the chance.
Casey- ashefamily(at)yahoo(dot)com

Unknown said...

'Tis freezing over here in Somerset, UK but no snow yet. It keeps trying.

I love the beret pattern - It's gorgeous and just what I need to stop my ears and head getting cold.

In fact I love all your patterns and your colours choices are always an inspiration.

Email is lucymclaurin@hotmail.com and I'm on ravelry as LucyMc96.

Robin said...

This is a nice pattern collection. I like the hat and, of course, love the yarn!

minnknitter on Ravelry

knitterbeader said...

Love everything about this beret - the reverse stockinette, the colorwork, the color of the yarn!!!
Also, loving the cover photo at the top of your blog page today!! Thank you for this opportunity.

knitterbeader on ravelry

Anonymous said...

What delightful knits and a great story of these designers. You know, I don't recall when I began reading you blog (years ago), but I came for the knitting. I return because there is that and so much more.

Thank you!
annie - orillaknits on Ravelry

Savannagal said...

Just trying to stay warm in Chicago. We're buried in snow and more coming. Enjoy the day!

Savannagal on Rav

Jenne said...

I made lasagne for dinner!

Carol Perecman said...

Lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of this pattern. We had over 17" of snow--great knitting weather!

Carol, ceejay on Rav

Jane said...

Hi Kristin,
We got 19 inches of snow this weekend... 5th highest total ever in one storm!
I love this hat. I have a hat I really like, and I keep finding it on the floor in restaurants, stores, and parking lots; I think I need a backup!
jcompeau on ravelry

Stacy said...

All our snow has turned to crunchy ice on top. We haven't missed any school yet this week...forging right ahead! I love this hat pattern although I would probably make it in a brighter color with a contrasty bow. Thanks for taking part in the tour!

Meghan Jones said...

It keeps pretending to snow here in the inland northwest, but it is nice to have clean roads. I love the scallops and shaping of this hat pattern but I would knit it in more saturated colors as I am not a huge pastels fan. anythingbutsnow on Ravelry!

mary kate said...

thank you so much for the perfect post! I am a school librarian and knitter . . . I can't wait to share the Virginia burton film with my students as s companion to Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel.

I would love the pattern! I could really use a new beret.
Mary Kate

Suzanne said...

Cute hat! We got 13 inches of snow yesterday.

jehanc said...

That is a very different hat from the usual patterns out there. I have watched you for quite awhile on knit and crochet today. I didn't know that you had your own yarn and a new book. My you are busy.

Unknown said...

About 10-ish inches of snow, fiddlehead mittens on my needles and dinner was a western omelet!
Sweet hat! Kudos for your yarn making the cover.
Forget snow days....Eagerly awaiting spring

Patt said...

I am currently knitting some new throw pillow covers from some of the Julia yarn I have in my stash! Although not a lot of snow, we continue in the negative numbers weather wise here in Nome, AK. I am not much of a hat wearer, or wasn't until I came here and have to make up for the lack of them in my wardrobe. auntiddaknitw@yahoo.com Thanks for the look and the giveaway, Patt

Patt said...


knits not knitw! oiy!

Auntie Shan said...

I remember doing lino-blocks in high school art class LONG AGO! I rather enjoyed carving them up...

Snow... No matter how much falls, I'm usually out RE-Locating it for 2-3 hours every other day or so... I had a Birthday on the weekend. Besides my chocolate cake, the *best* part was that I *DIDN'T* need to SHOVEL "that" Day!! - [although I did the day before & after]

Speaking of, hope you guys didn't get too much with that last storm..?

LindaR said...

Love the detail at the top of the hat.
Cold here but no real snow.
lindarumsey on Ravelry

Unknown said...

We have accumulated about 25" of snow just west of Cambridge where I live. This hat is so cute and I love the color. Thanks for this giveaway.

Shingle on rav

Pattyomi said...

We are grandparents and are introducing Mike Mulligan to our grandson, one of his Omi's and then Daddy's, favorite stories. I am excited to learn more about the artist's cooperative and plan to take a trip to that neck of the woods to learn more. And the beret is wonderful! Thanks for bringing this to us! Knitting it and wearing it this winter is double pleasure!

Anonymous said...

I just love the back story to folly cove . I recently read about it on the classic elite site. Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful pattern. Charlene ma2vt@comcast.net

craftsonthego said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sally said...

Ooooohh....thank you for the story about Folly Cove! Now I want to learn more! I love VLB's books and illustrations, and I love the story of her artistic collective! Gorgeous hat! thank you for the chance to win the book, Kristin!

Kamin said...

What a beautiful hat and great story. My daughter will be very pretty in this hat and in Madison WI she needs all the warm, cute hats I can knit her!

I am knitting your design, Classic Colorwork Sweater, and it is wonderful and warm on these cold days.

Dinner is a vietnamese beef stew (with a french influence more soup like than thick stew), crusty bread and salad. YUM! It has lemongrass, five spice star anise ginger and other wonderful things and the house smells heavenly. Want the recipe?


Anonymous said...

~ Dear Kristin,

Me-oh, My !! You are fan-tabulous !!
I am reminded of the Charleston House & Garden artists of the Bloomsbury Art Group, England, with your posts, featuring such a variety of artists.

In your blog, you have given us many connections to other artists, writers, art & textile techniques !! ~ Thank you, so kindly.
I cannot wait to learn more of the Folly Cove artists. How fascinating.
We are missing that whole group connection in this era, of getting together with fellow artisans of many venues.
~ Thank you for bringing that notion alive again through your blog.
Truly, especially in the Winter, its so inspiring to see color and texture in such a lovely way as you present.
I am originally from New England and am excited to read about one of my favorite childhood artists.
Besides all that wonderful inspiration, ....thought of the day: I loVe the full photo of your house interior on the blog banner.
And, I'm knitting mittens, with hedgehogs on them !
Shell ~

Penny said...

Kristen, Good morning! Go to the Churchmouseyarns.com site and check out your beautiful sock yarn. They have knit it into a very interesting scarf pattern. Oh, and darn that groundhog!

Diane said...

I'm enjoying my diet dr pepper while I read your great blog this morning!
Rav ID ddknitter

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin,

I'm very fond of berets/tams and have knit mostly wheel-patterned tams. The Annisquam beret pattern is very appealing with just enough texture and color to be interesting.

Here in the mountains of northeastern Washington it's currently snowing although the weatherman keeps talking RAIN. Sounds like spring to me!

Thanks for your generous give-a-way.


Licia Jackson said...

This is beautiful, and thanks for the link to the fascinating article about Folly Cove. I visited friends in Annisquam many years ago, so this brings back some good memories.

D Louise said...

Gorgeous hat, altho, at age 71, I think I'd leave off the flirtatious ribbon...

Debbie said...

Love the hat! I do like the ribbon. Very cute.
gussek on Ravelry

Elizabeth D said...

I will definitely be making that hat, whether I win or not. Down here near Philadelphia, the weather forecasts are dire, and then the storms change course. So -- only a total of about 5 inches for the whole year so far.

Anonymous said...

Lovely hat pattern! Mike Mulligan was my daughter's favorite book. She was thrilled last year to find a Mike Mulligan tee shirt in a book store and it fit her (she is in her thirties) so I am will share this post with her.
We have the lovely mix of about 6' of snow topped with a generous amount of ice. I'm finishing up an Icelandic sweater for my husband and am on the downward slope on knitting my version of Wearwithall's stole. Pork chops and rice with a side of broccoli is on the menu for tonight. Thank you for sharing another story of creative people.gnlmutti at gmail dot com

pclark204@comcast.net said...

I love this hat! It would be so perfect for the hat contest at my LYS.

Vickie said...

We got a couple of feet of snow. Cozy at home. Ravelry ID = Turtleknits

Denise said...

That's a gorgeous beret! I want to make one for myself, although I'm not sure how much use I'd get out of it here in Phoenix.
flgirl1987 AT yahoo DOT com

Kristin Nicholas said...

Thanks Penny for the link to Churchmouse and telling me about the scarf. I will spread the word about it. Kristin

Amber Benton said...

And I do love my gift and am very excited to watch it. Kristen, thanks for the gift of sharing about this group of designers it makes my heart sing! And why had it been so long since I visited your blog!? At least I didn't spoil my surprise ;)

Amber Benton said...

And I do love my gift and am very excited to watch it. Kristen, thanks for the gift of sharing about this group of designers it makes my heart sing! And why had it been so long since I visited your blog!? At least I didn't spoil my surprise ;)

Anonymous said...

Former librarian here, remembering Mike Mulligan and The Little House and thinking that there is always so much more to learn about women than what we THINK we know ... Virginia Lee Burton leading a group of designers; Maira Kalman working for The New Yorker; Kristen Nicholas running a farm and designing wallpaper .... all so much more than the simple "knitter," "children's book author," "mother," "librarian." It's a wonderful thing. Thank you.
bookboxer1 on ravelry

Lynn said...

Love Virginia Lee Burton's books! Thanks for introducing more of her work. Right now I'm knitting a cap for my son's birthday - endless rows of k2p2 rib, but warm thoughts being knit into every stitch.

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