Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snow Talk + Upcoming Appearances + A Sneak Peek

We survived the latest storm and it was a whopper. Here in western Mass we haven't gotten as much snow as in the eastern part of the state. Don't get me wrong - there is a lot of snow. Snow banks are getting higher and higher which makes pulling out of streets dicey. The Farmer has been having truck trouble and tractor trouble which is making things even more difficult. We're hoping this next round of repairs to both vehicles he uses daily fixes them. Luckily his brother David farms across from our sheep barns and he has been able to borrow his tractor in the afternoons.

When there is this much snow, the sheep and lambs stay close to the barns. The snow is deeper than their legs are tall so until it gets packed down, they cannot get through it. This group of sheep is using the tire tracks from the tractor to venture out a little further. 


I was thinking about the little lambs this morning. They were born in January and they know nothing but white snow. They do not know that there is green grass to come. Think how happy they will be to run through the grass and munch on it. That is after they live through mud season. 

Thanks to all of you kind folks who have been sending me notes upon receiving your copies of Crafting A Colorful Home in the mail. Thank you so much for the direct orders. I am so happy you all are enjoying reading it. I hope some of you feel inspired to shake up your homes with some more color. If you feel like it, would you mind spreading the word about the book? I have been seeing some photos of the cover on Instagram and Facebook which is awesome. When a book comes out, there is a small window of opportunity for it to develop any traction, so help me spread the word if you like it. Thanks! I am still fulfilling direct orders for it via my website here.

Next Wednesday February 18th, I will be speaking about color and my new book Crafting A Colorful Home at Black Sheep Knitting Company in Needham, MA. I will also be selling and signing books. Seating is limited and as of today there are spaces available. The event is free and they will have a waiting list and will call you if there are cancellations. Here is the link for more information. Next week is school vacation for all of Massachusetts and Julia and I will be going to my sister Laurie's family's house for a few days and combining it with this talk. I cannot wait to see how much snow they have. Well, maybe I can.

On Thursday March 5th, I will be the Keynote Speaker at the Roslindale Public Library's Opening Night of their Yarn and Craft Book Sale. I will also be selling and signing books with a portion of the proceeds to go to the Boston Public Library System. Roslindale is a section of Boston and is easy to get to. If you have ever been to the Arnold Arboretum, you have been in or close to Roslindale. Here is the info you will need. Again, another free event. This is one of the library's biggest fundraisers and is a fun event and a chance to pick up yarn and craft books while helping the library. 

Pom Pom Applique Pillow - Photo by Rikki Snyder
I will close with a sneak peek from Crafting a Colorful Home since this post is so brown and tan and white. Here is a photo of a pillow featured in the Living Room Chapter in the book. I call it a Pom Pom Pillow. This project uses many different textile techniques but none of them very difficult - pom pom making, felting wool fabric, applique with embroidery stitches onto wool fabric, and sewing a pillow. I love this project - very sculptural. It was of course, inspired by my Sunflower Garden. Hard to believe, it will be time to plant them again in a few short months. I hope everyone is having a good week.


Auntie Shan said...

Bundle up! There's a WINDCHILL front coming through! I've just come in from doing 6-inches of dry crispy flakes that kept blowing back at me in the 30Kph wind! No more snow FALL expected tonight, I suspect that I'll have some DRIFTING to get through before I can get OUT to do my much needed grocery shopping tomorrow...
Anyhoo, hang-in there!!

bitten78 said...

Gorgeous pictures as always! I have to order your book so I can try adding some color to my bland rented home. I am living in NC but grew up in MA and then lived for 16 years in CT and believe it or not MISS the SNOW! The incredible differences between seasons in New England are amazing once you no longer have them. It seems like every day here is more of the same old here in NC. The only perk is not having to shovel. Thanks for always sharing!

katherine said...

I just wanted to say Hi, and tell you how much I enjoy your blog...combining sheep farming, stitching and color...some of my favorite things. We are a small sheep farm in Central PA. We have about 18 lambs now about a third of our ewes have lambed. The kids raise them to show at the fair, sell to other 4-Hers and for meat customers. It has been very cold and snowy here too. I have not gotten your book...but I am taking your craftsy class between homeschooling my 3 youngest and being a new grandma! I am really enjoying it and learning lots. Thanks so much! O' we live in an old farm house I love to see pictures of yours...I am not quite as bold with teenage girls did tell me I was not allowed to paint any more rooms GREEN, which is my favorite color and I have about 5 shades of it throughout the house. I did try to paint my craft/office room peach but it looks pink!
Have a wonderful day...stay cozy!

LannieK said...

Hi Kristin, just had to let you know how much I love your colorful home and all of the items you have crafted :-) Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Nickycarp said...

Posted it on my FB page, where Rav friends see...Good it!

Nicky momoffour on Rav

Barb in Louisiana said...

I'm having a great time reading THE BOOK - and savoring all the delicious photos. I've already tagged a couple of projects to enrich my own home.
Thanks, Kristin.

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