Monday, March 30, 2015

Finished! Paisley Printed and Crewel Embroidered Pillow + Some Links

I have been sharing progress on my paisley printed and crewel embroidery project here on the blog and on Instagram. Thanks for all the lovely comments on the progress. As I said the other day, this was such a fun project to make. The other day I sewed the linen into a pillow. I used my favorite quick method of sewing a removable flap back pillow. You can find a tutorial for it here

I do not plan on doing a pattern for this project but if you come to the Crewel Embroidery class at our farm this summer, you will learn how to make it.  The fun thing about my approach to Crewel Embroidery is that every stitcher becomes their own designer and colorist. I don't teach to a kit - I teach to each student's talents. You can learn more about the Classes At Our Farm HERE.

Petunia spent the entire day here next to the pillow sitting in the sun. Such a sweet kitty. She kept looking outside at the snow that is still on the ground, hoping for spring. 

I have seen British artist Ann Carrington's work before and would love to see it in person. Chances are slim that I will be getting to London so I was glad to see this write-up. Those spoon flowers. Wow.

Target has some new embroidery kits in their stores. Good news for those of us looking for a resurgence in the craft. Check out their cute flower Handmade Modern Flower kit here. They have other Handmade Modern kits too including a cute one for paper flowers. 

We frequently have a little lamb in our kitchen during lambing - like now! Americans Chris and Tully MacIntyre, who live part-time on the Hebrides in Scotland, take in orphan lambs every year. You can read the story and see some photos here

Have you ever seen a "butter lamb"? I haven't - I suppose because I am not Polish or from the mid-west. But maybe your family purchases one for your Easter table. You can watch a video about how Butter Lambs are made in Chicago here. Wouldn't it be fun to have one on holiday table? And these wooden antique butter molds shaped like lambs - I need one for my sheep-centric collection. Gorgeous. 

Do any of you buy "Butter Lambs" for your holiday tables? Would love to hear. Have a great week everyone! 


Auntie Shan said...

Genuine antique butter molds are difficult to find and when you do, they go for big bucks! -- I'd imagine that they might be easier to find in the more rural "Dairy"-Country spots..? [I think they used to make them in Quebec quite a bit back "in the day"!] - Otherwise, I suppose you could always make your own! ;-D
Actually, I'm surprised that your "ancient" house didn't come with a few... Have you checked under the floor boards?

Robin said...

The pillow is beautiful! I wish I could attend the embroidery class also!!

JackieLemon said...

I've been following your progress on the pillow on Instagram. The completed project is stunning. I'm inspired to try this myself. Haven't done crewel work in a long time.
Butter lambs are found everywhere in Buffalo because of the region's strong Polish heritage. Wouldn't be Easter without one on the table.

Sandy said...

I grew up just south of Chicago. We always had butter lambs at Easter. Also, my grandmother made a lamb-shaped cake (she had a special mold just for Easter) and she would frost it with some type of very thin white frosting that drizzled on, and then she covered it with coconut. The little lamb looked like it had curly wool! Thanks for the memories -- I didn't realize it was a regional thing! I thought everybody did it!

Anonymous said...

Love your pillow. I used to do embroidery as a teenager. I just retired so I'm going to check it out. Butter lambs are available at our local grocery-I pick up one every year. Jackie.

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